[ REVIEWS ] Check the sound on HTC One M9: It’s very cool!

In addition to the robust configuration, HTC One M9 create a good impression on lively BoomSound speakers with Dolby 5.1 surround sound. For those with “gu” sidewalk coffee, coffee with friends wandering around, this is a perfect music machine is integrated on a blockbuster HTC One M9.

Live in urban areas, cities with densely populated streets, passing vehicles. Enjoy a cup of coffee in the form of “home” that characterized the private, according to the music harmony, song that myself and friends loved it too great. Standing at normal user aspects, currently trading a small retail shop in Bien Hoa, himself lucky to borrow One M9 in recent days to hear the music at times groove, after the time struggled with life is full of difficulties.

Basic information about the audio

Long product line of HTC technology users rather interested BoomSound speakers. If we take the screen 5 ‘on M9 One centered, spacing of strip 1st and 2nd speaker will be positioned next to the top and bottom edges of the screen above. It seems HTC have calculated quite possible about parameters, distance, to promote all the power of a high-quality music, multi-channel audio on a pair of speakers from phone BoomSound One M9 to listeners . The sound quality is perfect, complete audible sound Treble and Bass to be played in a small room space, not noisy on the models that support speakers on.

Constantly improved, HTC has also support 5.1 Dolby surround sound on One M9. This is what people who love watching the blockbuster movie on mobile devices are popular. Except for HD entertainment unit dedicated machine, lovers often experience HD movies on the laptop, but were limited to the level of “mobile” in size when compared to the compact from phone. From the speakers fitted BoomSound to support Dolby 5.1, HTC has tried to bring users a product M9 One comment about terms entertainment music better than the predecessor series.

Real experience everyday life

Living in the big city noisy during the day, I often find the music at the dawn and at noon, even at night before bed. Recall more than 15 years ago, the cafes mushrooming, have located close together. These guys want to grab coffee and music with friends is often the cafe there. However, from phone and technology thrive as now, plus the user more control of financial austerity for life today. Not only me personally, a lot of friends began moving “gu” drink coffee from bar to drink at home. Maybe today the friend a drink, to drink home tomorrow you B, and C and D …

Sitting sipping delicious coffee in a pretty quiet and ideal, people can not just lift up everyone separately, would be very noisy and boring quickly. If sitting in a crowd of friends, perhaps while I personally hold the M9 One will definitely take precedence over a bit on the opening and choose to listen to music together. Because the property at this time, the One M9 has dominated BoomSound speakers. With a quiet atmosphere surrounded by green trees and flowers, and his friends while sipping a delicious cup of coffee, listen to music and talking with lively sound, great professional too.

Noon is the hottest time, tired after working all morning in dynamic store, I usually go home to rest for a while after having lunch at home also. It is quite interesting and new for me personally, the headphone jack on the HTC One M9 allows users to customize audio output section, choose the right headset fact that the user is listening to. Sounds more and more, or when the machine is not only equipped with features HTC BoomSound which also supports the “Dolby Audio” when listening to music through headphones, with the “Music – Speaker in” and “Theater – Speakers in” . Thus, he will enter the room lie, turn cold, play music and read newspapers on One M9. I’ll be immersed in the music, hold fast all the information shared by friends from the social network Facebook, updating fast domestic and international news through HTC Sense Home (BlinkFeed).

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