Some of favourite dishes on my Memory [pt1]

Just the mention of the name was a simple dish is all about outdoor past memories and present the pure natural integrity to heart.
They say children quickly forget. Anger there, there laughing, crying and then puffed her cheeks and reconciled immediately. Yet each person when it comes to “dear old” can tell vanh neglected walls shook away the memories seemed buried by how fun and new or sorrow in life.

Not least of which is the collective memory of sky of the children of his time, especially the gift of cheap food but stick with whole generation.

Pulling Candy

When prompted to pull candy, 8X will not remember the image of the young man holding megaphone herd edge dance theater in the pubs as now but remember small village road echoing tinkling bells, jingle. Uncle sell candy creaking bicycle, walking and repeating the familiar question: “Anyone buy the pulling candy please…”. Hear that want fringed saliva.

At that time still poor, the meals are given an opportunity rarely presents itself to look forever young children sandals off, down to brass pots were traded for the sweetness of special sweets. Being busy playing that saw candy pull quickly ran home as porters out of “savings” out.

Sometimes just a little to afford them change but general principles neighbor and surround the bike, stared eye every move of doctors selling candy.

Northwest loud, uncouth, darken the color of sunshine but how deft claw into tissue when handling large candy into pieces of small candy kids are voracious-puma mouth (Photo internet).

Candy pull – childhood dish – not that fast food can take off. Need slowly, little by little sip the fragrant aroma infused new, flexible plastics, fatty sweet lips, spreads in the mouth where the tongue permeability.

So, sometimes or through the city, sat chatted friends, the children now have to parental officials still want to buy some candy solicitation drag this site to remember the days of the local sugar cravings, scrambling to run according candy car pulled away from the ball, run the play remembered forever kept waiting for hours Ad: Who candy pull dike …

Barley sugar

Were a lot of people wonder why from rice germ can produce special type plastic consistency sweeteners like barley turn. Then why the spot gold malt nursery is beautiful after a stirring sellers pull through pull back the island may turn white crystals, so delicious.

For children, all as game magic that only the aunt, the mother bear was sold new malt (Photo internet).

So, enjoy that day malt candy is not only the satisfaction of owning things sweet heart but also a pleasure to witness virtuoso skills of the seller.

In the first round wrapped malt small bamboo rods will be added roasted peanuts, coconut and pressed between two pieces of cinnamon roll.

So impressive young bamboo sticks and enjoy delicious gift. If candy pull – childhood dish – sweet dark malt is light, but just recently been added to your Date Date, fragrant coconut and peanuts’s tough.

The so-sticky consistency to the general air of something crunchy malt opposition outside of cake as making dishes sublimation, mingled forever in the memories (Photo internet).

And even less money, the aunt, the mother is willing to sell only malt candy to kids not appease the excitement before sweet. For children, school which fully enjoy this candy equally happy mother grocery shopping for a new backpack or pair of shoes.

Gum parrot

First, the original candy sweet, then chew forever without all the kids especially loved 8X and dubbed simplicity: gum.

Only a gum – dish while 8X -but can display enough games with it. If the pals, candy will be divided into two. Otherwise, it will become the item “Highlights of ourselves” because not everyone has.

After enjoying all the initial sugar sweetness, kids can see someone blowing bubbles and laughing louder when rubber ball burst. Then there was the game manually drag pieces of candy in my mouth all the way down without doing “cord”, then, facing upwards and mouth less to what has pulled result is puzzling fun … kids.

Especially, after the outer crust enough blue, red, yellow candy coating also second in robot form, hero. This is yet another game that only new kid “dare” make. Instead of taking water, rain water, we use the tongue to lick into shape … saliva that seeped then printed onto the hands, feet, forehead, cheeks … After a whipped pats, patiently waiting, this shell is peeled go, leave the skin on the “tattoo” and spoiled boys proudly. Children love this tattoo style that refuses to wash for fear of drifting away looking.

Even chewing the end of the day, dinner also stick buttons or stick to the wall, eyes closed morning eye-opener was quickly removed … It’s normal rumination.

Now Gum flavor variety, enough labels but can not have a good feeling deep love in dreams like the old rubber parrot.

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