[Hoi An Bread ] – The finest Breakfast of the World

Not only attracted by definition moss old town, Hoi An also makes us remember to bring unique delicacies. Culinary arts where there are differences fascinating, even with foreign customers.
Wine list with traditional cuisine, visitors to Hoi An easily find unique specialties.

Topping the list is the bread to try. It sounds a bit strange because this familiar dishes that are not characteristic of the old town as high floor or noodles Quang, but really tasty sandwiches here to the world-famous.
Hoi An’s most delicious bread gioiSlideshow
Many international websites voted delicious world-class, many bread shops in Hoi An became familiar destination of local and foreign tourists thanks to affordable and tasty hard to resist. Hot crispy cake, full of personality types: meat rolls, mixed vegetables, cheese, chicken, pork, pate, beef rolls with cheese, bacon … with sauce, vegetables and chili processing according to the family recipe.

But despite appetizing to some, should only eat one drive only, by Hoi An delicacies await you. One of the famous specialty that is high floor – only the most delicious dishes to enjoy at Hoi. High floor Spread cooked in old wells ceremony, rice soaked in ash firewood collected from Cham Island should have a special flavor. This dish eaten with ceiling prices, barbecue pork, fried pork skin, add a little soy sauce greaves, raw vegetables.

Mi Quang imbued with pork, shrimp, chicken, egg, onion, vegetables, peanuts, peppers and delicious sauce. Chicken rice with yellow eye of rice, green salad and white shadow of chicken and fresh red chili sauce. Dumplings, cakes pretty small cauldron like roses, inside is the fresh shrimp, pork, mushrooms … the soft sweetness melts on the tongue.

Once energized, stroll the streets draped in brightly colored paper flowers, listening to melodious music. In addition, exciting activities such as lantern walk around, drop flower on the Huai River aspirations, playing hut, learning as well as lanterns … experience not to be missed.

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