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[ REVIEWS ] Lumia 640: Quite “fine” for ordinary users, simple

Lumia 640 Screen 5 inch owned, mid-range configurations, features that meet quite “stable” for users that require high stability but do not need the advanced features.

Personally currently used to attach to the 2 SIM Lumia 640 a relatively long time to experience the real, compared to the Galaxy S4 which themselves were “faithful” about 2 years now. First, to experience with friends and family members, then will write the thoughts, feeling “personal” her on forums GSM.VN.


Lumia 640 has dimensions “safe” medium hand, medium pocket with parameters respectively: 141.3 mm x 72.2 mm x 8.8 mm, weighing about 145 grams. Machine with designs similar to the Lumia 640 but slightly smaller XL, are hard plastic material used for the entire sample above. Highlights and personality to make the Lumia 640 is located on the speakerphone with circular designs quite fancy, with him it’s not pretty but it is not necessarily bad, just different from the Lumia line they have Experience chance.

Lumia 640 front looked quite disproportionate, harmony of design, basic ordinary users will have nothing to complain. However, personal feelings, Lumia 640 in the edge rim portion speaker above the screen was quite nice, the price with the top edge of the cabinet, so that the rim edge thin screen (smaller) than a little. Bottom rim edge screen Lumia 640 should be thick (greater) than little or leave such size, then set navigation key in this position as the Lumia 430/435 line. If Microsoft do these things, I think Lumia 640 individuals will have more “plus” and expect fulfillment of his subjects Windows Phone.


Lumia 640 equipped with screen size of 5 inches on LCD IPS panel with HD resolution (1080 x 720 pixel) screens integrated technology ClearBlack display help optimize content in any environment or strong light how to love. Often run their car off the road and get daytime multiple calls at the same time, content display bright enough and quite sharp. Thanks to the IPS panel and a pixel density of 294 ppi reached, the screen Lumia 640 hit the threshold “just enough” to use, everything shown on the Lumia 640 are pretty good, not too bright or pale, enough for all the features, applications and all the current games.

Through practical use (attached to the 2 SIM contacts) for daily needs are also one-time or temporary basis enough to observe that the display meets about 95% for ordinary users, 85 % for those wishing to play high graphic games, both those who love photography. However, if you take base price and brand as main platform to review, screen Lumia 640 has demonstrated its role fairly well, there is nothing to complain about things.


Similar to the XL 640 Lumia, Lumia 640 owners Qualcomm Snapdragon processor clocked 400 quad core 1.2 GHz and 1 GB of RAM, 8 GB of internal memory, supports an expandable memory card slot, running on OS Windows Phone 8.1 update for Lumia Denim. Lumia 640 is very good to meet the basic features that users still using every day, works fast and stable operation in the default application open on your computer, multitasking mechanism is quite perfect. However, when his keyboard input on the Lumia 640 state machine sometimes have the wrong characters received, causing little discomfort in times are constantly messaging.

For machine works well with apps and games under Windows Phone ecosystem, you have to sit gaming daughter continuously for about 1 hour to 2 hours. Lumia 640 underwent fundamental challenges quite well, sometimes with light machine lockups, if “tree trimmer as muscle” then forced himself to shutdown restart. Such cases if encountered often happens in times of multitasking machine running multiple applications, and the game has not escaped properly, lead to crashes.

Equip the battery with a capacity of 2500 mAh, the Lumia 640 will surely satisfy durations long enough in one day from morning to night without “plowing” continuous gaming and social networking. In contrast, ordinary users do not have the need to use multiple machines in the day, the Lumia 640 can use up to 2 days.

Finally, Microsoft has always built and respond well to user communication tools related to work, such as Office, Skype, Outlook, OneDrive … Because this is the whole of the application, the main utility for Microsoft construction and development, help for the line as Lumia 640 Lumia maximize the strength of synchronization between the hardware and operating system, along with the applications mentioned above, brings consistency with name Microsoft.


Lumia 640 is equipped with 8 MP camera, aperture f / 2.2, 28 mm focal length lens, supports autofocus, LED flash light support attached lights. Take pictures in good lighting conditions during the day, for decent quality shots, shooting in low light indoors and the inadequate quality. Additionally, the Lumia 640 is still supported many imaging features similar Lumia 640 XL, users can capture the form manually, set the parameters manually with personal experience of each person.

0.9 MP back camera with wide angle just enough to meet minimum needs of imaging capabilities selfie. Overall, both the front and rear camera on the Lumia 640 meet “just to” the needs of the user photographed, not really leave a good impression with users love photography. However, reality shows, Lumia 640 camera certainly for good image quality while on the machine itself was the last line of the players hands photographed subjects, or enough “standard” for devotees of social network like Facebook.


Lumia 640 is a mid-range cheap respond quite well to ordinary users, in accordance with the simplified user favorite, and often use a variety of Office features. This will be the best choice for those who are used to using the Windows Phone series, loved the simple, smooth, stable, more importantly, the price was quite reasonable.

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