[ REVIEWS ] Pie In The Sky – New Challenges

Pie In The Sky: A Salty Croc Pizza Odyssey from Interactive Inc. Endless Runner is a game inspired by the delivery of pizza, but here is a little different, which is delivered in space Pizza.

It sounds a bit ordinary, right? But if you’re a fan of the genre, the runner Endless Pie In The Sky will be a new challenge that you want to try it.

In Pie in the Sky, you’ll control a car flying through skyscrapers, vast deserts and even into outer space to deliver a pizza to customers who are “hungry”, with hundreds of obstacles to overcome, such as comets and warships.

Pie in the Sky has more than 25 parts to upgrade, 75 plays a pizza delivery and 4 different difficulty modes.

With great style, simple control ,, the game screen is full of challenges and fun melody ear, ensuring games will make you want to attempt to achieve higher scores.

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