Remember of the Tết’s meals

The atmosphere of the last day in the bustling, lively because this is also the time to prepare everything for the new year, from preparing ancestral altar, decorating their homes to prepare a sumptuous feast for the head New Year.

When the new sun poked through every crack in the door, dressed in a bright yellow shirt streets, the wind blew gently before alley trees, it’s time to welcome spring buds shoots bouncing about. The atmosphere of the last days were busy with how to report, summarizing the more bustling now, bustling over because this is the time to prepare everything for the new year, from preparing ancestral altar, ornamented home to prepare for the party hearty New Year.

Groceries now also much different than the days of the year. Market, see what also want to buy, what furniture is beautiful, everyone is cheerful. Acquaintance then visit several straw preparation for Tet, the peasants are brought “home-grown” up market then offered by the rustic smile, dear. Then something also want to buy the house, although not lacking. Yes, what is the New Year, is ancestral grandparents, is putting his Gong, Mr. Tao, the guests visited the praise … So all right chin chu, willing and without the missing stuff What’s in the early days …

Preparation table ancestor, grandparents may be regarded as the most important job of the moment. Vietnamese culture, the New Year is the only occasion in the year with the “reunion” full enough of family, ancestors and household gods. Therefore, in addition to copper burners furnished glossy, aromatic fresh fruit, incense spiraling, tea warm wine, the dish offered to grandparents are very careful to make filter, to ensure both delicious and beautiful but also medium to harmonize yin and yang, the five elements and bold cultural homeland.
Trang An people often choose the security dishes pork leg dried bamboo, spring rolls, frozen meat, pickles, salad, stir-fries … as sincere invitation from our children, grandparents procession along the food festival, welcome spring. On the feast of the Hue, it is common to see the beams beef sauce, galangal garlic beef, spring rolls, bamboo, silk rolls, boneless pork, bacon and sour, salty shrimp braised pork, pickled boiled meat prices , ram (North called spring rolls, spring rolls south called), fig, banana, banana, thinly … Especially dish stewed pork vermicelli shoots little extra as the analogy goes well straight year new advantages.

And with the South, the dish “permanent” one must mention the eggs meat warehouse. Almost every day rider – anniversaries, holidays people have done this dish as the focal point of every table. Besides soup, scallion or sauerkraut sour, sweet and sour pork ear, meat and eggs is central warehouse of the feast day of spring. There, the yellow of meat with onions brothels, meat and eggs round square symbol of yin and yang harmony wishes for the new year round square. Water melon meat prices put into storage vessel beamed create sweet peppers, sour, spicy, salty, plus soup taste bitter ring … meant mutual Five will make all prosper.

New Year brings culinary cultural values and rotating the tray cozy family meals. Vietnamese people always spend the quintessential, perfect for the New Year. New Year feast is a special tray of the year when the whole family to be union members, spend. From the Red River to go through pass or to the sunny south, the dishes were different, but all very formal respect harmonious elements of yin and yang, the five elements. If fried spring rolls, meat crowded fat, protein, Hanoi people will be served with pickles, salad (a kind of sweet and sour salad) to reduce the sick, balanced protein and vitamins in the body. Or even in dry cement security dishes pork leg is not too dry during cooking day by cement was neutralized with the fat of pork constitute the sweet sound.
The people of Hue ancient land with the royal food culture even more delicate in the way of serving and eating. They deftly from processing to decorate and tasting spices. Feast day of the Hue festival symbolizes reunions, happy and representing cultural tradition. Private warehouse meats eggs were exuding personality of Southern liberal as possible so long, visitors can warm in the house is used without frills cooking furnished.

Besides the aforementioned dishes, cakes indispensable traditional rice cake tet – material to create a complete feast with elements of yin and yang, the five elements. Cake bearing favor philosophy, faithful to her ancestors and Heaven and Earth. Magenta of distant Gac is considered lucky. Boiled chicken brings good start. Plaster frozen meat as shown in the New Year blessings. Sausages wishes expressed in the exterior beautifully warm, full of happiness and fortune … feast day of spring so evident philosophy upon by the universe, according to the operation of the earth to pray for a year meaning peace, affluent fortune due to the “consolidation” of humans, earth and ancestors.


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