[ VOSTOK KOMANDIRSKIE ] Willing to Pay for it with 30$

For $ 30 you can buy what clock? I believe if they ask this question out of all 9 of 10 respondents will tire of shook his head but said that every ship or shoddy goods. In fact, $ 30 enough to buy a Casio ‘tradition’ (I called because my time is almost whom did spend /), or a Timex Weekender (every three months Amazon chips to sale below $ 30). There are also quite a few children there, where not often, but if I tell you that:

$ 30 enough to buy one of these watches best quality USSR (of course corresponds to the price), then you believe it?

If you believe, then Komandirskie Vostok is the answer for you.

In the watch industry, the concept of in-house movement (self-development machine) is rated very high. Actually, this is relative concept. Clock industry developed so quickly that now the movement may also be low in price for high accuracy at an acceptable level. However, for many people, movement is considered the soul of a watch, they take very seriously things that have historical movement how, spend every other country, or self-development, or buy blueprint on then change and adjustment. For them, a clock spend in-house movement but did no better quality than others, but the spiritual element which is worth more.

Vostok Komandirskie is like.

Being such a great brother of Vostok Amphibia cover, Komandirskie not known, if you are not a person really learn about watches USSR. Design of Komandirskie not appear to look very rugged ‘fine’ as he he, on the contrary, to reduce product costs, Vostok engineers have minimized the costly materials. This led to the price of a Komandirskie usually ranges from $ 30 to $ 50. Sometimes if you are lucky you can find only 10 US silver coins, and sometimes up to several hundred if the clock that rare.

However, such cheap does not mean poor quality as people think. Vostok watches Komandirskie is personally USSR Defense Ministry order. It must be cheap enough to produce large quantities, quality must reach a certain acceptable level. In its heyday, Vostok as to be nearly 100 different Komandirskie form. Except machine (usually 2414A) alike, Komandirskie designs vary widely, from prints on textured surfaces to common clock.

Cheaper, more models, and it is often associated with the army, army or other event of history, leaving many collectors Komandirskie. On the clock forum Soviet Russia, crushed a few days and there was a pattern he boasted: Kids Komandirskie I picked this new production for desert tank soldier jog …

Speaking of forums, many of you new to wondering: is not whether Komandirskie spend because they are afraid the price is too cheap. Once that happens, I heard a hand Answer: I have nearly 50 children Komandirskie in the collection, and no child of matter. Too impressive right? Because such responses, I decided to find yourself a Komandirskie purchase.

Komandirskie my son buy a higher price than those typically found on eBay. Actually initially to buy the cheap, but accidentally saw this child like always. Lai added, originally designed as Vostok designed for the Ministry of Defence is in the position knob 2 hours, after 4 hours. So, along the Vostok Komandirskie, the button stays in 2 hours than you will get in position for 4 hours, and more expensive at 3 o’clock position often seen.

This baby face look beautiful, have positions knob 2 hours, so do not think that much, I decided to buy always. Overall, this child I seldom wear than Vostok Amphibia watches or other children, have it as a form of meaningful collection. Simply need to have.

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