Pirate Kings – Experience strategy game new style

Released by Jelly Button, Pirate Kings is a unique strategy game where the player must rely on the luck of the rotation to perform the following tasks rather than intentional.
Pirate Kings summary, this is a game with the familiar gameplay. Putting players in the life of the captain himself owns an island untouched original, the player’s task is construction work, the artillery guns to defend and attack system intrusion accounting for the other islands.

With accessible gameplay Pirate Kings scored partly thanks to the friendly gameplay. But unique and novel points of the game is dependent on luck factor when I manage “spin” to perform the operation, certain tasks.

Namely, in the rotation will be the same color as money box, attack … if turning the corresponding box you will be able to receive the value or the respective task. Examples rotate the box you will have money gold coins gold with colored numbers on the box, and if the cell attacked you would have attacked other islands.

Because of this factor should become the strategy game “luck”. This is also the element of novelty games become genre almost outdated.

One of the tips for budding pirates that is … do not know who fired. When new introduction, let’s bombard the island where strange game for your suggestions. Only a very low percentage of “strangers” will avenge you, because the majority of players have accepted the prospect of being “bad food” in this game of chance. And remember, not hit by lightning twice a spot, so do not be silly and go make a difference lest “the first batch u forehead”.

Looting always bring a lot to bargain, but it is also accompanied by a ratio of 1/3 rather “adventure” for gamers. But nothing perfect, including the Pirate Kings. The advantage is that you still have the ability to see the island of the “fellow” playmate. If Cash King in that list, it is unwise to not go admire the island of “giants” before turning right?

When Cash King is not in the Friend List, keep defying and selected … contemporary island. If god luck did not smile, do not be too worried, “tangerine shell thick pointy nails also.” Remember island of CashKing is one excellent way to help support costing pirates once “rob deficit”, to avoid the possibility of lasting bitterness.

Besides, according to folklore handed down, the person who is definitely rich … robbed. Therefore, to avoid falling into this tough situations, try to “disperse” as much property as possible, avoid making prey to others.

Friendship is the “enemy” most dangerous

Also, when playing pirates can use an avatar and a fake name “fabricated” to avoid friends send “bullet” housewarming new island!

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