[REVIEWS] Compare Screen of Ipad Air vs Ipad Mini

Last year, when deciding between iPad 4 and iPad mini is a difficult decision. But this year, choose between designing sleeker iPad Air and iPad mini Retina Display is more complicated than ever. Please Gizmag try to help, as we break down the differences (and similarities increase) between Apple iPad and iPad mini with Retina Air Display

The size

IPad Air is 20 percent higher and 26 percent wider

IPad Air, Apple’s new iPad-sized, the first major redesign since the original iPad launched in 2010. It is more compact and concentrated than the iPad last year, inspired the design of the iPad mini. When the rumors that have told us for months, now basically a big iPad mini.

The small size of the iPad, meanwhile, remained almost the same as last year’s model. It was thicker than the first-generation iPad mini four percent, but we suspect that it will make a very noticeable change.

In terms of these two, though, the iPad Air is 20 percent higher and 26 percent greater than the Retina iPad mini. Both 7.5 mm thick machine.


IPad Air weighs 42 percent, a gap narrower than last year’s squad

The Retina iPad mini is actually slightly heavier than its predecessor. When choosing between two people, Air heavier iPad mini 42 percent. But the gap was much narrower than the 2012 model.


It builds anodized aluminum familiar Apple in the iPad

No surprises here, as both sports park closely familiar and anodized aluminum Apple building.


Options are the same color

No gold for you! Both train staff in silver / white and color space gray / black. These are two of three similar color that Apple sells the iPhone 5s.

On display

The iPad mini offers you 65 percent as much screen area as the iPad Air

The big news here is the iPad mini Retina Display. It now packages as many pixels as the iPad Air bigger, which means it has a higher pixel density much.

In terms of screen size Overall, the story is the same as last year. The iPad mini offers you 65 percent more screen area as the iPad Air does not.


Both tablets will be faster than their predecessors, but new mini iPad will have many fa …

Last year, the iPad-sized chip (A6X, in late 2012) is a full generation ahead of the iPad mini (A5, in early 2011). This year, there have been leveled playing field, because both tablets have 64-bit A7 chip, also found in the iPhone 5s.

Apple rarely speaks to us about cores and the clock speed of its mobile processors, but at least in the air, the A7 is a dual-core CPU (with quad-core graphics) speed of 1.4 GHz . We want to bet on the mini Retina.

Motion coprocessor

Both types of machines M7 motion coprocessor undertake the iPhone 5s’

It may not make as much sense on a tablet PC, but Apple M7 motion coprocessor makes leap from iPhone 5s for the new iPad. It can log data from the sensor of the tablet without killing your battery (for applications that are optimized M7). We suspect Apple was planting some seeds for an iWatch with M7.


Storage options are all even, with mini iPad received a 128 GB option for the first tim …

Storage options are also equal in the tablet. It seems that Apple is increasingly seen two pills as a feather.

The camera

No difference in the two cameras

It seems that both the tablet also has a camera along. Resolution is unchanged from last year’s model.


Apple ads with battery (use the web, Wi-Fi) ten hours for iPad

Above Watt hour show you the technical information for each pin, but Apple is advertising similar uptimes for both tablets (up to ten hours of use the web via Wi-Fi).


Both iPad can now use two antennas, courtesy of technology Mimo

Like last year, both tablets shipped in cheaper Wi-Fi only model, as well as Wi-Fi and LTE mobile version. The big change this year is that many Wi-Fi antenna, can help provide “up to twice the performance Wi-Fi” in last year’s iPad.


No surprises here, as both tablets running iOS 7

Of course, both new tablets running iOS 7, to design its new plane.

Speaking of iOS 7, it just received an update to activate iCloud Keychain, serves as a password storage system based on the cloud.


IPad Air launched on November 1, while mini Retina will follow later that month

It looks like the rumors of a Retina iPad mini restrict supplies have to come in, as Apple is rolling it out a little later than the iPad Air.

Starting price

What’s this? A $ 70 increase in the price for the iPad mini this year?

Retina display does not come cheap. With more advanced technology in new models, Apple added a 70 USD to the price of iPad mini. The iPad Mini is sticking around last year in a $ 300 lower price point.

IPad Air has the same price point as each previous full-sized iPad, starting at $ 500 for a 16 GB Wi-Fi only version.


If the iPad mini at $ 330, we’d be tempted to declare it as a clear winner here. But with its considerable growth, the more difficult decisions. In fact, it may be part of the ideology of Apple: iPad mini’s light and strong is very nice, it threatens to dominate the larger models. Raising its price – along with shrinking and lightening larger models – even can help the tissues in the minds of customers.

So there are decisions you face. From where we stand now, both look like option very sure, easy and best iPads so far. One of the things we can say that we certainly would not recommend picking up 2011’s flagship Apple iPad 2. – somehow someway – live on for another year, with a price $ 400. Apple is likely to sell a fair share of them, but we think both new models are much better options.

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