[ REVIEWS ] Shadow Era, A Game of Beauty Graphic

Shadow Era is a game genre game collects tokens CCG (collectible card game) – the genre that I absolutely love and have relatively similar game Magic: The Gathering. This is not a bad thing because it makes you easily adapt to this game a bit more with the same gameplay, the Shadow Era still have specific characteristics that the player is not to presume it’s not a copy Full of Magic: The Gathering. In fact, Shadow Era has different characteristics and they are quite attractive.

In the game, you will be using the deck (Deck) per deck including tarot cards and have a special ability. When starting the game, you’ll choose a general tag (Hero), each card has its own abilities minister and is always present on the table your game. The generals card you choose will come with a private deck that minister. For example, if you select the generals belonging Wizard, you will own a deck of cards with the same system.

You will be selecting six cards in the first round, each card has its own abilities. What I particularly like in Shadow Era is you will have to sacrifice a card among the cards in hand to be summoning a beast or a permit to play cards. Each turn you will have to sacrifice a card you think is useless in the grave all summoned to accumulate points, each card has a number that represents the point to be summoned. For example, after four plays you sacrifice four cards you will have four points to summon, to use your points to recall the cards that you need, and the score will automatically recover at the next turn.

Besides the Beast card you even have the permit cards, the cards are the different uses, can attack simultaneously on all three cards of their opponents with a certain level of damage, or the community for Allied cards add 2 or 3 damage, or heal allies card to make shields, making the opponent take turns … If used wisely, you will become a tactical level of gaming genres This.

Shadow Era I played one time and almost being drawn to the world that it brings. Beautiful graphics and attack effects of the cards that you can not impeccable.

This is a free game to download for iOS and Android, or even PC. Also you can buy Deck, Hero … in the game with Gold store or earned by Crystal.

You can play on many platforms as long as you remember your login account. That is, if you use an iOS device you can use that account to play on your Android device or PC. There is no problem!

However there are a few issues worth mentioning that you will not be able to play in offline mode, so for those who own 3G iPod Touch or no need to connect to a wifi point to enter the game. Another problem is that for iPhone 5 or iPhone4 screen is pretty small to get the best spread addiction. The selection of the cards will be a little tough on the small screen. But with 3 platform playable Shadow Era is iOS, Android and PC, this is their favorite spot.

The purchase of Hero Deck or in the store is quite familiar to those who are fans of this kind ther. You will not know what you bought until you pay and turn the cards. Maybe you will possess mythical cards, all rare but can you will open common cards even already in the post.

Shadow Era is generally a game with beautiful graphics, unique effects as well as many attractive features, but still worth talking points and make it difficult for the player but everything can be overcome with more choices . Hope to bring you the most fun experience when holding the cards with supernatural powers.

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