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SEIKO Ananta ‘100 Year Anniversary’ – A SAMURAI pride

One could look at a (few) clock to guess the character of an entire people. This is a personal opinion which I have drawn my own after constant ever sat blankly watching, and reading about all sorts of clocks. Why? Because the clock, and manufacturing industries as a whole clock art. It is the most delicate swirled between the extreme accuracy of the technique, and the beautiful design details to do dot. Look at the work that we can know the engineers and artists behind creating it was like.

Clock full of classic British. Soviet watches simple and nostalgic. Germany clocks accurate to dry and subtle level reaches perfection. Watches US open and liberal. What about Japanese watches sketch about Japanese people? To answer this question, let’s look at the clock industry symbol of Japan – Seiko.

Seiko watches have very simple, not fussy, not flowery complexity that very diligently. When holding a Seiko 5, though the least expensive on hand, your first impression about it there must be admired – the way you admire the most simple things, admire delicate timepiece is created only to diligent work of measuring time. Tick, tick, and keep on not stopping.

Seiko watches have the artistic. Have children look pure as snow falling slightly turn on the water in a certain country. Have children look is an invitation, but as a geisha is haughty voice lifted ca.

Seiko has strong that the violent and wicked. Having the peace and quiet as high mountain minnows endure periods.

But above all, Seiko carrying the pride, of a people with special cultures do not mix on target, of a strong nation through war, but also know to stand up after the failure of the war . Seiko handling any child any more, and it feels like every point, every stroke which is the essence, the pride comes from the dedication of the artist.

In 2013, Seiko launched Seiko Ananta ‘100th anniversary’ to mark 100 years since Seiko launched the first wristwatch. And do not take wonder, when the idea of designing this timepiece is passed from history Samurai – stage full of chaos but also glorious in the flow of Japanese history.

Japanese history until today recorded the names of so many samurai and warlords, each of them is a beautiful legend about the arrogance of the chaos of war. Among them, the story about Masamune Date stands out. ‘Doc label Long’ Date coaches first fight at 14, through innumerable battles and war lord inherited the title from his father in 3 years later, when he rounded 17. Please do not go too deep into the calendar use, but army Date always sow fear infinite to his rival. Costumes of the army which is very special: black armor and helmet with huge crescent. Photos cold yellow crescent that is what most remember history when it comes to Date.

On the clock, from No. 11 to No. 4, the moon image. Oddly, it does not break crescent on the dial layout, but also constitute a highlight for him. Seiko Ananta is limited to 300 units, and each of the glass are painted handmade by Isshu Tamura – a veteran artisan in lacquer industry in Japan. And this is the first time, people can use the lacquer to create beautiful deep blue color to it. Like that dark blue night sky full of mystery, and then the crescent moon, also swept by cold yellow lacquer slowly emerged. They say, it brings back the image of a power Masamune Date proud but also mysterious day.

Seiko Ananta 8R28 used machines first introduced at Basel World 2008 and is the most advanced machine Seiko chronograph ever built. It also says the motto of Seiko watches industry: always creative and innovative. Let’s not go into the technical process here, because talking about it, they will have to add a few more post new long enough. But what Seiko did recently, perhaps a few decades later, it would have turned my head and saying thank them for this bold breakthrough.

Overall, Ananta is not the most luxurious watches Seiko, but if I had to choose a clearly delineated personality most Japanese, I would choose it. Sit between the bright light of day, or at night Blackest black, crescent moon that will always evoke for me the image of what makes humans Japan: the spirit and pride of a Samurai .

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