[BIRTH YEAR WATCH] – Time for hardly seeking

There are those who love to collect watches follow a certain theme or topic is no rust. The categories are, someone just like diving watch, some people like minimalist watch, some people like the German clock, clock USSR enthusiasts … But anyway, most of them at least find a child Birth year watch to add to the collection. So watch what is birth year? Why almost everyone wants to find a child like that?

Birth year simply watch the clock was born the same year as me. The feeling when you wear a watch Birth year love it, especially the second is related to time. Sometimes wore on and suddenly looked happy and said to myself: “this, that age us. You have gone through the timeline like me? In you 14, 17, 19 … years old, while I begin to waver love, longing and bad know, then you do? You’re on one hand? “.

Talking is a bit cheesy, but watch Birth year sometimes bring special feeling that. As a witness, along with his time 🙂

And, let me talk about the process of finding his watch Birth year: the clock in 1987.

I. Options

1. The first is the Swatch, simply because they are out of this … every year a kind. Ie type in 85, 86 not differ from year 87, 90 … just bring a different figure. So when your child Auction Watch very special deficit only produced every Christmas 1987 (on the snowflake-shaped), then their immediate ignore this option.

2. Seiko 6309-729A, this kind of Seiko was produced between 1984 – 1988. This one affordable, look also. Seiko serial number should always easy to recognize immediately it is produced every year.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual 3.. Well this child cost $ 7,000. Seven thousand dollars. So from saying more. But actually I did not really love Rolex.

4. Omega Speedmaster 1987. This child DayDate prices range from $ 2,500 – $ 3.500. Rich rich rich if they make their views more decades will buy huhuhu. This child looks beautiful too.

II. Soviet watches?

Well, of course with a little maze like the Soviet Union as its clock, then find a child Birth year watch production in the USSR in 1987 must surely be some dzach. However, hard, hard. The first details of possible can think of is in 1987, to commemorate 70 years of the Soviet October Revolution (Red October), Vostok has launched the special Amphibia watches.


Finding this child throughout his weeks on the Net, many registered at the forum for members with children pm this clock to check that they have not resold, unfortunately not as fortunate.

Then, I turned to legendary line POLJOT Soviet Sturmanskie see any way to find the manufacturer in 1987 not because this line each era has a clear distinctive style (colored clock face, letters, font …). However, the players most familiar Soviet clock hands can not know exactly what the exact Sturmanskie POLJOT born in public (only in the period moved 4, 5 years). Chiang hoped it went off by accident one day his blog is read by a Dutch hand watch collection. Now a Sturmanskie POLJOT see that in specifying the date machines produce 87 – the rare and unique that you see such records.

Her email this hand, thankfully after a talk, he agrees to cede to him. The next problem is the ship from the Netherlands to the United States too expensive, and the United States will stick another 15-20% customs duty. Luckily you’re wondering, the hand that says, “reach over US 3 weeks I gave a speech at the university over there” (scatter monumental CMN), through to believe the US tao tao wait out Fedex delivered to. Generally exchanging emails back and forth issues Soviet clock with this hand reach 15, 20 emails before, so I pretty well assured. Actually, I also heard people, but unfortunately you will not be fooled this time.

Today came home from work, saw Fedex package is placed in front, uncontrollably happy, no dressing up wash your face, watching her pull out immediately. In the Netherlands arms secured email, I give you special box beautiful, because this is the birth year you watch. It is true that. And not just the box, beautiful and unexpected clock. Share some pictures here

Let’s to congratulate Me !!!

More information about their child POLJOT. POLJOT Sturmanskie watches are specially produced for the pilot, the military and the cosmonaut of the USSR, not sold to civilians. However, later when the Soviet Union disintegrated, the day soldiers start POLJOT Sturmanskie sold out, so in the market but still keeping an eye out.

Well, to express themselves and the Netherlands still talk hands are. He has boast hand speech nothing very successful presentation. He asked me many things about life in the US, concerns the question very funny as the stars inside built-up you guys like (announced monkey, he went to New York, the house it’s all right), so you guys enjoyed eating chip … and discuss the hobby clock pretty much the Soviet Union. Overall this is an interesting hand. Glad to be a world familiar.

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