Games and things that make me passionate…(part 1)

Maybe I’m a deceiver, so when dating with a girl, I always say:

“As for me, you’re the most important”.

Actually, that’s not the case. There are two things I’m more passionate about than girls, it’s music and games (the order that appears is not synonymous with the location in my favorite book). Talking about girls, music is a lot, now I am free to talk about the game.

I repeat again, I really love games. Actually, guys don’t love games. Thinking back is a bit funny, but when I was in middle school, my friends and I used to say that I didn’t know how to play a game. even though there was no beard on the chin, no one had …

I played a lot of games, almost every phase of my life, I was again talking, saying that to be dreadful, saying exactly from the time I was up to the age of three to run, until I became a student who was illiterate. As of now, I am very passionate about games. Currently, that passion in me is almost completely dissolved, is it only a few days to click on PES to make a gossip.

For me, the game is a passion. If I didn’t play, I had to play until the end (next play was different from go pro). So when I feel that my passion needs to be behind something more important, I don’t want to touch it anymore. How do I say it, as if I feel something is at fault, when I miss that passion, without pursuing it to the end (for many different reasons). Until now, I still kept my passion in a far corner. I do not know if there will be a day when I will put my hand deep in to pull it back, or let it always play a leisurely dust of time.

Occasionally, when my hand glides over a few game point sites, I just smile, thinking about the time – not far from here, full of fun. Well, don’t dare to play, remember and write back – no matter how hard the words and words, try not to portray the feeling of that day.

Regarding my gaming stages, it is temporarily divided into four stages, according to the four grade levels I have experienced: Preschool, Primery, High school and university.

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