[ REVIEWS ] TOD Hero – A Casual Game

In the first term of 2014 is the time mobile game made by Vietnamese people began to have a certain influence on the domestic market and the international game. These include names like Flappy Bird ever international gaming stir a while until the game by storm in countries like Killing Spirit, Vo Lam Mong … That proved we already started strong attack to this potential market. Along eyeing this trend, TOD Game – a mobile game development group Vietnam has initially boldly for the products his debut and after experiencing one of them Hizone would recommend to readers TOD Hero – great casual game genre for those relaxing moments.

The game has very simple contents, you will become a hero in the quest to save the princess from the evil monster is equipped with armor and weapons. When you open the symbol game finished simply hit the “Play” is you can already participate in the journey rescue the princess never-ending. Hizone invite you to experience and evaluate TOD Hero.

TOD Hero quite easy to play, just touch the left or right of the screen to attack the monster. There will be two monster waves running up and down the screen of your mission is to kill the monster but not so simple. Kappa, among the princess and civilians – these are two subjects you can not attack, but if accidentally kill two subjects will take a certain loss.

Factors you need to press reviews in TOD Hero is the column on the left side while the screen – when the time exhaustion rescue the princess fight ended. Combo system is a relatively new point of TOD Hero, if continuously destroy the monster you will receive a certain number of combos however if accidentally attacks on civilians you will lose the entire combo points as well as lost go some time, even if the attack to the princess, the game immediately ends in the word “whining” her “Oh God”. Moreover, when the princess was attacked, she would fly up the phone screen and broke them, a funny spectacle in TOD Hero only.

Characterized anime graphics cute and funny, game context is also quite vivid sketches is a highlight of the section view that TOD Hero gives the player. Not too fussy about details, but not necessarily monotonous, the game graphics at barely stop for a simple casual game. Accompanied by sound effects that are catchy, while attacking monster, princess or civilians have created a separate sound effects, which makes players support boring than playing a game ending may seem like TOD Hero.

There will be six characters to choose from but the character is TOD Boy also other characters will be unlocked by earning gold in the game. TOD Hero characters in almost quite familiar to each such childhood: Songoku, sailor moon or iron man … Each character comes with various functions such as an increase of 30% of the time, up earning 30% more gold … In the shop also sells TOD Hero Gold Pack has different values. $ 0.99 to $ 1.99 for the open Pack Pack 150.000 40.000 gold and Pack have the highest value was $ 2.99 with 800,000 gold.

Besides the highlights of Vietnam is a casual game Hero TOD still face certain restrictions. Fairly easy game to play, Hizone only takes a few minutes to easily enter the contest, you have to get used to playing fast eye and identify the object to be attacked, the game nothing left to discover more.

The only one game mode is limited in TOD Hero experience, will add more than to have other modes or simply a basic 3-mode “Easy”, “Medium” and “Hard” so the classification regime would be capable of better players. For those who have poor reflexes, the easy level is that they can play however with those who prefer the medium and hard difficulty is the degree they want to conquer in a casual game. This can meet the demand everyone can play.

Also quantities are very limited characters, six characters are not many characters and the default is not a good idea. If instead the characters unlocked by other open equipment and items that increase the power and change character appearance will be much more interesting. Players always want to create their own hero and no one wants to become a hero by others bring. Things Hizone feel quite annoying when playing TOD Hero is just a few plays ad will appear, so the game will not experience seamless and uninterrupted. TOD game also brought the solution to the problem of this ad, but gained 1000 combo to clear the in-game advertising is something quite challenging and sometimes players do not reach enough numbers in 1000, they quickly turned to play a different game then.

If you ignore the minus points, the TOD Hero is still a casual game interesting and unique. Game easy to play and easy to cause the appropriate experience for those who want the waiting time or spare time goes by quickly. Stunning graphics, fun sound effects, gameplay is simple factors brings entertainment value high. But want to succeed, TOD Hero still needs to improve and update the new version enhance the player experience.

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