[ REVIEWS ] Lenovo Miix 3: Unsurpassed performance in its price range

Lenovo’s laptop Miix 3 Lenovo hybrid was officially introduced in Vietnam market in late 2014 to the present time but the device still has a certain place in the market thanks to a compact design, good configuration and extreme price matching consumer pocketbooks.

Equipment owns 2 main parts screen and keyboard, in which the screen like a tablet is removable with monolithic design solid and strong, two parts are connected together via the dock magnets and are fixed by two pole buckling sure. Lenovo Miix 3 owns 10.1 inch screen Full HD resolution using IPS panel technology for wide viewing angles, true color and good brightness. Machines owns the 64-bit processor with 2GB RAM Intel BayTrail Z3735F and 64GB of internal memory for storing data.

Actual use showed Miix 3 very good performance, in the course of their use virtually imperceptible latency or lag. From office work, surf or play the mini game, everything is Miix 3 shows extremely smooth. Perhaps this is because the company has combined the power of 64-bit processors from Intel next-generation in flash memory and 64GB HDD instead of the old capital. In fact, the 64GB is quite small for a computer running Windows, but with what Miix 3 brings the object to which it is primarily intended to promote mainly women and office workers, and those This is usually no need to store data so much so Miix 3 is an optimal choice.

According to official information from Lenovo said it is the official distributor in Vietnam’s market with prices only VND 8,990,000. In addition, users can choose the version with lower configuration screen HD and 32GB of internal memory with VND 7.99 million rate. With beautifully designed, compact, convenient, good configuration and suitable prices for affordable extreme users, according to assessment said many Miix 3 will continue to maintain its position on the market in late 2015.

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