[ REVIEWS ] Nomi 3S -The masterpieces like diamond

In the past few days, The Nomi Smartphone 3S is considered “AWESOME PRODUCTS DIAMONDS” is gaining confidence in the user. In addition to ownership of one luxurious high-end devices, the machine also make sure that in addition to the machine more than the price only 3 million. Then Nomi 3S worth buying? MSmobile rapid assessment would open box device yourself!

To design
Carry the essence of what one senior phone, because this is considered the Great Nomi Usage 3S Diamond. Also perhaps because the later generation retailer Nomi has not been mistakenly designated as the other manufacturers. The front and back of the machine is 1 black glass, looking rather like the Apple iPhone 4 and 4s.

Looking at the side edges help you think of the divine phones like Pantech Sky 870 by 1 aluminum wrapper design is extremely uncertain. The lower section of the machine is somewhat similar to the iPhone 5 lock and 5s by the holes where the speaker. Generally, 3S Nomi is what most quintessential of advanced phones and most popular users.

To the configuration of the machine, if previously when going shopping 1 handset is sure you will find yourself 1 handset configured to meet crisis needs of each person, avoid jerky lag occurs.

In this, the company Nomi was quite subtle when her children one configuration with Chip MediaTek MT6582 moderate quad core clocked at 1.3GHz, Mali-400 GPU and 1GB RAM. This configuration has met all but demands such as watching movies, surfing … There is no lag on machine condition occurs shock.

Nomi has done quite well in this respect, at first glance at 3S Nomi we think of the Sky 870 by the same 5-inch screen, and HD resolution IPS panels. Machines for good image quality, sharpness and fidelity, image viewing angle is pretty good. It’s rare to come across the first smartphone from “brothers” China that left image processing capabilities as well as fins.

With camera resolution 8 MP rear respectively and 2MP front. Nomi 3S single-space imaging software, such as HDR mode .. Very consistent with what you just picked up the phone and press the shutter, the quality of the image produced is also quite good. We also should not expect too much in Nomi 3S by the price of this device is too cheap.

But there is only 1950mAh battery capacity, but the machine configuration is not too high, so you can fully use the machine in 1 day with pretty much the extent of use. This rather stable with 1 device with extremely cheap prices this.

Nomi has smashed saying that users remain or say “cheap is the rancid”, Nomi 3S suggests that it is not inferior to the high-end equipment in both design and performance of the machine. Nomi hope brings Vietnam 1 user experience completely different and new.

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