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THE QUARRYMEN – THAT’LL BE THE DAY: One of the rarest vinyl

This is probably one of the rarest discs ever existed, but no matter how excited the listeners can be. Because this is the only recording of The Quarrymen, the predecessor of the legendary Beatles, is now owned by Sir Paul McCartney.

The story begins in 1956, when a group of high school students at Quarry Bank (Liverpool) decided to form a band called The Quarrymen. The first member of the band, none other than John Lennon, then added Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Colin Hanton (drums) and John Duff Lowe (piano).

The group of young people had the first music lessons from John’s mother, Julia Lennon, initially primarily playing banjo. After the group decided to play the music called skiffle – which combines jazz, blue, folk and root again.

On July 12, 1958, the group began to feel confident enough and had enough savings to record their first disc. They went to Phillips’ Sound Recording Services studio in the same city to record. The price must be paid, given the current face value of about $ 22, divided evenly among 5 people.

They recorded on 78 round plastic discs, 1 song on each side. That A was “That’ll be the day” released by Buddy Holly and Jerry Allison a year earlier. Face B is the first song the members of the songwriting group “In Spite of All the Danger” written by McCartney and Harrison. According to McCartney, the song is heavily influenced by Elvis Presley.

After the release of this single disc, each member kept the disc for a week, then lent it to a friend. The disc was lost until 1981 when Lowe decided to give it to McCartney for an unpublished amount.

McCartney is the sole owner of this disc. And this disc is also a rare disc that is not for sale on the biggest vinyl disc selling site: discogs, because according to admin: the only person who can sell this disc is McCartney, and I don’t Now think he will sell it.

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