Ealges and “Their Greatest Hits 1971 – 1975” – Better than “Hotel California” so much…

Before seeing these two records at a cheap disc store, the only thing I knew about Ealges was Hotel California; no more, no less. I find information on Google quickly, I see On The Border is the middle of the Eagles album. Not as immature as the first albums, but not as high as the art of Hotel California. It is an Eagles who are still just shaping themselves and their music.

Do not say much about Their Greatest Hits 1971 – 1975 because it is a composite disc, I rarely talk about composite discs, except in this case, by the way, write them. On The Border marks an Eagles trying to erase a country-rock prejudice. What they want to play is the rising music of the 70s: hard rock and rock n roll. While recording On The Border, Eagles decided to cut off the contract with producer Glyn Johns (when only finished, there were 2 songs: You Never Cry Like a Lover and Best of My Love) because Johns tended to tilt. too much about country rock. Then the Eagles found Bill Szymczy. Szymczy likes rough music and lots of electric guitars – which is exactly what the Eagles aim for.

At the same time, Bernie found his old friend Don Felder and asked Felder to help play some tracks in the new album. This cooperation is so good that, although only 2 tracks of Already Gone and Good Day in Hell, Felder has completely convinced Eagles members with his virtuoso guitar, to become lead guitar. Eagles until decades later.

On The Border achieved a temporary success in both the UK and the United States, climbing up to a quite good position on the charts (respectively # 28 and # 17). The funniest thing is that one of Johns’ two songs on this album: Best of My Love is the number one single, while the waiting track is Already Gone points to position # 32.

However, rank is not necessarily an important factor. I personally think this is a step in the right direction of the Eagles. The addition of another talented guitarist team (bringing the total number of guitar players in the band up to 3) makes the Eagles’ songs more melodic. Maybe there are tracks in the guitar album that still have a long and disconnected feel, but listeners who listen to this album can absolutely count on an Eagles on their next albums – when their musicians have mix with one beat.

On The Border is not really a great record, but it is a good record in the collection.

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