Norwegian Wood – A Good Or A Disgusting culture?

If I became Minister of Culture and Information of Vietnam (I do not remember the exact name of this Ministry, but something like that), the first thing I do will be forbidden novels of contemporary Japan, things My opinion is not doing anything, apart poisoned soul Vietnam youth, especially the girls are inherently stupid or like the philosophy.

I do not deny, I hated the novel Japan movement, like a flood which struck Vietnam on market range for several years, because of the nature I was reluctant to proclaim something outrageous. But not like the movement heralded something, it is completely different from the main hate the thing itself. The book that I promised myself that would never read a second is “Kim Dung between my life” by Vu Duc Sao Bien, the commentary that I hit the right Alt – F4 soon as he read the headlines that are Post comment Trinh Cong Son music, stuff just because it uses fine particles incalculably to attributed to the works, but I’m sure at the time of writing, though in a dream, the novelist or musician of us would not imagine so.

I recall the novel Japan movement, opened by Norwegian Wood. I once reminded myself that I must become a good-hearted man, should strive to mentor, talking, trying to comprehend the petite teen girls, merely talk, speak out lest you the misunderstandings. At that time, I was surprised to hear many babies assured me that they have not read Norwegian Forest die is just, that is the novel of all time, extremely great, and missed three dollars all from which the baby – with his brain in the species foolish girl, can think of.

Not that I’ve never read the work of Japanese literature, or what to write about Japan.In Asia, apart from China, the Japanese, it is a culture that I find most interesting.Japanese novel I read first is “Lights do not cast a shadow” of Zunichi Watanabe; That was the first time I felt the suffocating crush the soul, to the point several times, looking at the lights, I still imagine the glacial appearance of his protagonists. Then, in a class of grade III Office, as usual, with plenty of free time because it never burn all, I sit flip through the book and found a Japanese short story about a woman and mirror, also very gloomy and sad. Since two impressive, I rarely read novels of Japan.

I broke one of his principle, just because they hailed hear Norwegian Forest too, should try to find out whether the works of Japanese modern era (beginning to read, I do not know about the Norwegian Forest of the Year in 1960, and launched in late 80s range) have escaped the gloom and depression did not. Lai rai, gnawing, I finally finished reading it. And in my feeling is: good, but full of disgusting.

Of course, I do not look down on Norwegian Forest as one of the first people to fight cleft batch forehead to debate whether it was pure sex or true art. For me, not calling it purely sex then luckily ago, have taken up the sky every true art can not understand.But, again, it’s only a matter ripple over in my mind, then, I did not pay any attention to it anymore.
I hate when I read Norwegian Forest not by the air full of sadness, melancholy, sometimes up to its suffocating, for lack of anything famous works in the world and made me feel so together. The simplest example I outlined the first book I read in grade 6 “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”, also makes the reader through many phen frustrations, choked, indignation and sympathy, to fall the tears (when President Abraham Lincoln met the author in 1862 has welcomed her with the famous quote: “It turned out she was a small woman has written a book sparked great war”).

What I see here is disgusting thing three cents philosophy, its ridiculous, especially the thought “Because death is part of life and foster life because death every day. ”

A novel that featured death, is a novel inhuman. Although life may look like, you might have to cherish it, cherish because I was born. On top of everything in this world, life is the most precious.

Of course, I was 22 head, unprecedented tragic events, life has never thrown straight into my face misfortunes, so maybe more people would say: because I had never experienced the feeling there. Yes, but if every difficulty, every deadlock again seeking to rope in the wilderness, with the philosophy of the season half over, the world’s population fell by more than half you?

“Death is real, it is not the opposite of life, which is a part of life.”

Stupid. Why a novel instead oriented people overcome the melancholy moment, went claims, uphold the kids dare “to overcome the pain of death,” and then they get into the car guy turned inhaling gas to death, you are also crazy crazy crazy go down that road?

There have been a few times, I vaguely realized this novel has some beautiful places, places or, but the feeling was disgusting to think about what it conveys, to blow away the thought .

Disgusting of all is those who make it to Vietnam, and praise, seminars, press to disseminate it.

Japan was a defeated nation after the Great War of 1945, therefore, the water they produce a generation, but as Ernest Hemingway called the ‘Lost Generation’. The amount of suicides in Japan has always been the world’s largest, therefore Anime / Manga in Japanese of all ages are preferred, because that is where they can soak up, evading reality full deadlock, u renders around him.

Vietnam does not like Japan, so bringing this story of Vietnam, in addition to poisoning the soul adolescent (ages Read more Norway’s forests reach 20), then there was nothing.

I feel a little sad, when instead of looking to the Soviet literature fiery love life confidence, with the immortal works like ‘yeah I Steel’; French literature and funny romantic, English literature with classic features, we again seek to create movements for what melancholy, like choking.

Let’s see what the service says Zheng Lu Norwegian Forest book: “And I understand why the only honest characters in white and brave in new Norwegian Wood to end his life. They are too young and do not have the patience to hope life will foster a natural death deserved. And I also understand why many great writer Osamu Dazai Japanese like Yasunari Kawabata and also chose death to not have to witness the beauty and grandeur of life being humiliated. ”

Rather than embark on a life-changing, instead of ourselves up, we again highlight the courage to find death.

Just hope that teens feel depressed just that alone, no kids yet stupid to think “because life is not worthy of the pure soul, holiness, love beauty like me, so we must chose to die … ”

Oh …

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