[ REVIEWS ] Neighbours hellish – Jubilant disruptive to old neighbor

Released just in time for the end of 2014, hellish Neighbours: New Year is mobile version of the series’ Neighbours From Hell hit on PC. Game gives you the ball, disruptive, joking oner you as the culprit.

Hellish Neighbours: New Year a bit rebellious when you become a mess, your mission is blew everything in the house of his neighbor. Teasing and harassment wherever in order to indicate to him infuriated.

Picture of the game is not much different from the original version on Pc with fun creating character and is designed according to the inspired gently comic entertainment experience of the players are improving.

But sometimes the commercials make you annoyed obscures the screen game, so be prepared for the psychological front annoying commercials.

Neighbors from Hell was first released in 2003 in Europe. It took 14 years, until 2017, to get the phone version. Unfortunately, only the first season of the iOS version is available for download in Vietnam, and the Android version (including season 1 and 2) and the version for iOS 2 season currently not allowed to download in Vietnam.

In the game, you will still transform into a mischievous Woody guy breaking into the house “big belly neighbor” Mr. Rottweiler for revenge (whatever enemies don’t know). What is interesting about the game is that you will use the Rottweiler house’s objects to destroy, trap, make him frustrated to the point and overcome the game screen without being caught at the battle.

The mobile version still offers the feeling of childhood as PC version both in graphics and gameplay, still intact, only in the mobile version no longer have a “camera” frame to record every game activity follow the reality show style too but we only focus on “smashing”!

The only downside is for the mobile version, for phones with small screens (like the iPhone SE that I use), it will be difficult to manipulate, especially when installing traps in small details in the house (eg mail box close to the door).

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