[ REVIEWS ] Spirit Lords – Journey seek strength from the soul

Lords Spirit is the latest game publisher Kabam games, RPGs is unique and rare titles that follow Hizone is compelling gameplay.

This game take players on a journey where you are the warrior / mage collect and tame the souls lost. The soul contains a mystical power and you have to do is to master his enormous strength. But win they will surely not be easy, existential challenges posed require skills handled screens of gamers.

Spirit Lords have two character types: melee and ranged attacks. The Warriors will have the skill and the shaman melee will possess ranged attacks. Depending on the taste and how you use the skills the character can choose 1 of 2 layers of this skill.

A little about the Spirit Lords graphics are appreciated. Photos bring bright colors, characters are designed in cartoon style petite but are emanating a supernatural aura.

For gamers who love RPGs with the Spirit Lords gameplay is an option worth considering. The use souls to gather strength allows characters have different skills hundreds. Using clever they require a certain playing process and needs time to get acquainted. Game is currently available on the App Store and Google Play and is free to download.

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