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“Harvest” by Neil Young: That’s sad lyrics…

Harvest was one of the first vinyls I owned, and it was also the first point of urging the hobby of collecting vinyl in me. I wrote about Neil Young’s Harvest as follows:

“Then there was a time like last week, I went to the estate sale of a deceased music teacher, while people were hurrying up and down downstairs, paying the price of each cup and glass in his collection. I sat silently in the upstairs room, looking at the music system and the pile of vinyls that no one cared about: In the turntable, still in Harvest by Neil Young, I looked into the corner of the room, there I wonder if this is the place where the teacher sits in music every night, which has been with him for the rest of his life, when listening to ‘Old Man’ , are you sad, do you think about anything? ”

And now, the feeling of hearing every sad and sad song in Old Man remains the same. Oh, great empathy.

Harvest is an album that is not highly appreciated by professionals but is very successful in sales and especially in Neil Young’s fans. In this album, Young favored the symphony orchestra to play with him in 2 songs. For the rest of the songs, there are 3 vocals backups that are his old friends in Crosby, Stills & Nash (of course, predictably, the country folk rock smell – the music that CSN is known for), The two most successful songs in the album are Old Man and Heart of Gold, the vocals backup is James Taylor and Linda Ronstadt. So, this album is about the quality of art I feel very good, it is leaning towards the country so the melody is so light and easy to hear.

Talk about Old Man. It’s hard to believe that when writing this song, Young is only 26 years old. The song is much older and sad than life for Young. When listening to the song, there was a feeling that it was an old cowboy in the South, one-way sitting watching the sunset, burning medicine and telling his life story; rather than a guy who looses his hair over his shoulders, hugs his guitar and raises a hoarse voice.

Harvest is quite a strange album. It is in love or hate it, there is no between. There are many people who underestimate this album, because it cannot be equal to the previously released After the Gold Rush; or it is too cheesy, too easy to hear, or it is too sporadic, when there are songs that try-to-make-for-the-page with the symphony, intermingling with easy-listening songs, sad songs Man and the pain are sad … There are those who see Harvest as one of the brightest albums of the 70s. Without discussing Heart of Gold and Old Man, A Man Needs A Maid sounds very attractive, right from the The first note, Alabama suggests somewhat to Lynyrd Skynyrd. Especially many people appreciate The Needle And The Damage Done sounds sad like a blues song in the afternoon. I belong to the following case.

Until now, Harvest is still the album I listen to often, probably because it plays an important role in my vinyl playing process.

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