In my First Vinyl Assemply

Have a friend asked when I had finished system set my first vinyl that vinyl hear how, have fascinated people do not. The answer my brief is: absolute love, but interpreted the lengthy basting.
First of quality music, but that time I heard setup: lossless -> DAC -> amp -> the quality headphone for music still more delectable. I used to buy the DAC, amp giùm worth tens of millions of friends, there please try to listen to plug before return. Its quality often to across the top.

However, despite only just beginning, I felt more like vinyl ago. Vinyl fascinated not by the quality of music, but mainly in the course of play-music.
Current Internet era, almost all songs, albums can be found in just a few clicks. Even studio album discography decades to live of a singer, when turned away torrent drag cooker set, returning sometimes done both. But so, one loses the feeling of people shivering in excitement after every hour stroll in the old stores, but happened to see the plate, including a stage song that ever lived, each and every feeling and understand themselves. When I got home, still not listening right away, but try to accomplish what I need to do, like eating the finished meal with family, or finish washing the pants, shirt … and then, when everything the day was finished, new squeeze into the room, closed the door and pulled out the new disc purchase.
I like the feeling of open plate massive coal from the new collective record- I still play vinyl so thrilled each time pulling the disc well, just afraid of being scratched, broken; then, lift the turntable dust cover up, placed neatly on the plate, lifting the needle up and gently placed on the rotating disk and the music is a bit like buzzer, which sounded a bit old, as are retelling musical story of a certain distant. The word very small needle buzzer run it, but sometimes when the music softened, ear can hear, it’s a new stock, new interesting how!
Then there are times like last week, I went home estate sale a music teacher he has died. While people are rushing up and down downstairs, paid the price of each cup, the cup in his collection, then I sat silent in his upstairs room, look at the music machine and pile staging his vinyl disc but not many people are interested. In the turntable, still to Neil Young’s Harvest. I glanced into the corner, where it is lost based wood rocking chair is. I wonder if this is where he was teaching every evening sitting immersed in music – which had accompanied him almost all my life. The so while listening to ‘Old Man’, he sad, have thought of anything? Or suddenly in an old department store today, I saw Wet of Barbra Streisand, on the inside is a small hand-written inscription: For Q.
Q. Who are you? He then shape how teachers? He listened with great trumpet it? He’s gone with his mind but unfortunately tangle plate collectors, or the trumpet he left that his relatives are dump to go? Of course, I can not know. But the needle was running buzzer on the plate that I bought from Neil Young’s house, or Barbra which once belonged to a certain district, suddenly I thought to their transient. At one time and another space that’s life, they must have heard of, and used to love this music. Like me.
It’s probably the wonderful relationship that the click to play a song downloaded from the Internet does not have to be …

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