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Simon & Garfunkel – Combined style of movies and music

In the famous duo of Simon & Garfunkel, Paul Simon played a more important role than his friend Art Garfunkel. Almost all of the duet’s songs were written by Simon, in which, of course, songs were very familiar to many music lovers in the world: The Sound of Silence, Mrs. Robinson, Bridge Over the Troubled Water … After the group disbanded in 1970, Paul Simon had a very successful solo career, he still worked hard and performed, but sadly, this time alone, with a sophisticated and lovely guitar.

One Trick Pony is Paul Simon’s 5th album, which was released at the same time as the movie of the same name that he starred in. I have not had the opportunity to watch this movie, but I think even though the album is considered the soundtrack of the movie, the same song is performed in a different style between movies and music. Quite interesting.

I was quite surprised when I first listened to this album, because this is Simon’s first solo album that I’ve heard since the time of Simon & Garfunkel. How to say it? If I didn’t look at the singer, I wouldn’t have expected this to be Paul Simon. Also, The Sound of Silence is a dazzling milestone in Simon’s career in particular and the duets in general, so Simon’s later solo songs sound a little lacking and inadequate. Simon’s voice was slow and sad, but music was the pop-jazz and funk music of the singers who started on the other side of the career. Perhaps a bit regrettable, but I can’t wait any longer.

Saying that, the album still has some beautiful moments, that is when Simon sadly asked his mother

Where you goin ’?

I just born

In That’s Why God Made The Movies, or childhood recollections of the most successful album of the album Late In The Evening, or slightly lighter funk, but enough to enhance the joyful atmosphere for the album, which is quite gloomy. From beginning to now: One Trick Pony.

An album I am not 100% satisfied with, but I still consider it a quality album.

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