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Memoirs of the “four buttons” game #dientubonnut

This is a game genre that also has an English name, but in the first grade almost no children knew English, so we often call it four-button electronics. For many children born around the second half of the 1980s to the first few years of the 1990s, four-button game were all.

There was nothing better than candy and ice cream if you were a child. But we did not think about the candy and sticks of ice-cream that day, because how much money was spent on the electronic shop four buttons. There was a strange thing, the more banned things were, the better. Please go out and have fun with the parents to play video games. In the afternoon, sneaking and sneaking out to lunch outside is always fun. And the feeling of going back to school right away, sitting and playing until one was aware that it was too late (or running out of money), the two of them took sticks to come to the shop to find and enjoy the violence.

I remember, back then, the game price was 200 dong ten minutes, 500 dong was half an hour, so on. You should remember, in that countryside in the countryside that day, 200 dong was enough to buy a fresh bag of yogurt or popcorn.

In fact, when the store first opened, the landlady used to play 500 VND once and game over (usually three networks, if not counted, she could pick up). Later, when we were too knowledgeable about our country, so much so that we could not use up a game over, so the lady didn’t feel right, she changed it by that time.

The game is so bad that it doesn’t have to be. Almost during peak hours after school, the game machines are full. So we have to wait. But at that time, there was no queue type, I had to be on the line, so I could follow the tail. He came back to look like that and stood up. The rule that he used to judge back then depends on a lot of things: such as whether or not this guy has to leave early so he can’t be cheated? Does this ku guy have a lot of money? to choose. Unfortunately, almost all of them use the same rules as him, so it returns to the simplest rule of thumb: go ahead and play first and unlucky.

Fortunately, later on, the two wounded and handsome boys and girls were as beautiful as him, but every afternoon they had to squeeze in a sweat that could be played, so the abdomen to spend money to buy him a machine, also get a few video games. Well, I remember even a gun to shoot ducks. So he switched to playing at home. Thanks to that, you can play many games, and know lots of things, though sometimes you still remember the feeling of how you were when Mario’s rammed his flagpole more times than they did.


The first game he played was a very familiar game: Mario. I’m not talking about some of the improved Mario games later, just talking about the original original Mario game. At first it was difficult to play, but after getting used to it, it was relatively easy. He still remembers a few tricks in the game, like hidden stones, to jump in the right position, where the green sewers that come in will go anywhere, ways to get more network, and even jumping on the flagpole to eat more money. On that day, almost every kid in his neighborhood had ever destroyed this game (some friends called breaking the island, anyway, it was just a call). The feeling of killing the dragon to save the princess is really great. He knew that Viking Metal also learned from this game, so there were songs about knights who killed dragons to save their lovers.


The next game he plays is Tank (Battle City). This game has 50 levels, right, there are many difficult scenes. Until now, the Te te soundtrack, when I first entered the screen, still made him excited when he heard it again (he played emulator on the computer). Tank is only responsible for protecting the Eagle and killing enemy vehicles. Vehicle tanks have many types: fast cars, big tanks, multi-colored tank cars (to get items). The item is also different, there is a mortar hat (right from the past he used it), clock time stopped, bombs exploded, stars (to level up), shovels (to upgrade eagles) … Keep in mind every time It is really good to get a muzzle tank (big tank, but it can’t fire) is running around and sweeping. Many times, letting the enemy shoot the Eagle at his side, he just wanted to throw the handle at the screen. Anything stupid, throwing in is what to play next?

The next two games are Contra and Rambo. Almost every kid likes these two games like crazy. Story, just being bombs and mines is just like it. The first Contra game is very interesting, he still remembers a few bullets like bullets, like bullets F (swirling), M (tomato) bullets, bullets S (projectiles), R bullets (for fast) and whatever bullets are flaming fire (L must). Then the bosses like the house in the first round, the first round dragon head, the one who kicked the circle, he forgot, and the last boss was like this
End Contra
Playing outside the shop, the most fun is the screaming section because of the missile, and the terminology that anyone who plays electronic four buttons knows: pull the screen. This is so personal and characteristic that he doesn’t know how to explain it. Play Contra scolding each other mostly because the other guy pulled the screen, LOL!

Rambo is part II of Contra. Rambo is famous for the “A up and down left and right left B A” mantra that he still remembers (it is so famous that his name is The Konami Code). Rambo is a better weapon, his mother is full of bullets, he does not play much Rambo, so he only remembers every bullet being a mortar, the one taking it is as big as his rice bowl.
Rambo is better, can play more, and somehow he likes Contra better.
You want to play online to find the feeling then come here Contra

NES fighting

Another good thing that he remembers is fighting martial arts, is it not Street Fighter. The game that he used to take the police guy that day, had a perfect circular swirl, surrounded by electricity. In this game, there is also a small Chinese child, what he does not remember because it is so bad that none of the neighbors choose. The Japanese are as great as Kamojoko, the American, who is the head, dressed in camouflage, has the same skill as a knife. In this game, the guy who lost is pictured with a swollen face on his face. Back then, in his neighbor’s house, it was this game to challenge. Not serving each other, cursing at each other, just go to the game shop to do three matches. That’s it, the cultural person, who carried the stick to fight. Only the one who chooses ku police should beat the excessively fiercely but lacks creativity.

In addition, it is impossible not to mention such things as shooting flies (galaxy), shooting ducks with guns (he used to hit the screen while shooting), circus (the guy in the circus, riding a lion jumping over fire, swings …) – the game that he spends the most time breaking the ice.

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