[ REVIEWS ] HTC Desire 626G Plus: Sleek, feature is stable

It is Equiped fairly average configuration, Desire 626G Plus oriented subjects need a fast processor, beautiful machine design, not terrible game on a pretty good price.

Desire 626G Plus is a mid-range price is relatively low, with hardware and features quite fine, matching objects with low incomes.

Myself have experienced Desire continuous 626G Plus nearly 1 month, may look like just enough to feel how the machine works, is it consistent with the user or not


Desire 626G Plus screen size and resolution 5-inch HD (720 x 1280 pixels) with a pixel density of 294 ppi reached. When used daily reality for every feature, with approximately calculated from the eyes to the screen, the screen Desire 626G Plus pretty good response in every feature, even environmental conditions different light. However, Desire 626G Plus segment which is located in the mid-range with relatively low prices just enough bright screen when the user used in the sun, unable to meet expectations in comparison with models the current high level.

Desire 626G Plus screen response is quite good, color fidelity, sharpness is high, enough to satisfy the common user. However, the brightness on the screen to get a little better when using the noonday sun, this is a weakness common to most mid-range models cheap.

Unless otherwise use external light, 626G Plus Desire for true color, not too bright and not pale, the sharpness at high levels, responsive applications and games that require the screen to HD resolution.


Desire 626G Plus equipped with Mediatek MT6752 processor, 8 core, clocked at 1.7 GHz, 1 GB RAM, 8 GB of internal memory. Perhaps because of the configuration as above, HTC has decided to equip the launcher (GUI) Sense 5.3 rather than the newer version as 6 or 7. It works quite stable relative processing speed fast, satisfying all the features that ordinary users need. Besides, Desire 626G Plus achieved a high score on the scoring AnTuTu Benchmark app.

Since Desire 626G Plus get to experience, I have personal concerns a lot of hardware and Sense 5.3 version. I always ask that, why Desire 626G Plus is not RAM 1.5 GB and Sense 7, there better not to do so? However, HTC has tried to sufficient hardware, optimized for lowest prices in capability, so users have easy access to products. In addition, Android OS 4.4 or later have improved the situation very good RAM. More importantly, the HTC Desire 626G desired products reach more audience Plus users have a relatively low income levels, which needs no terrible game, just want to have a product to run fast and stable, with beautifully decorated and luxurious in a good price range. If users stricter configuration, HTC also has many high sample products to advanced access, users spoiled for choice.

As part described above, Desire 626G Plus works pretty fast, smooth, stable and not experiencing an error condition “silly” at all during use, which is often seen on the models with low RAM. His personal manipulation and application features common on Desire 626G Plus, machine response time is quite good, just really tired a little bit if using multitasking mechanism in a long time, the terrible game which requires high configuration. To get the stability and smooth like this, HTC has offs, leaving some of the features inherent in the senior line upward reach of HTC, instead of the original foundation is still the mainstream interfaces and basic features “pure” Android. Therefore, although the Desire 626G Plus only equipped 1 GB RAM but the machine still works well for basic users.

Although Desire 626G Plus has installed and run many applications but RAM memory and high availability, which naythat impressive, perfectly brings confidence about the stability of the system, limiting conditioning lack of internal memory and RAM for ordinary users.

Finally, Desire 626G Plus supports miracast, makes slide content onto the computer screen with a resolution of HD TV. This is also quite good, combined with good cameras, promises fun when shared with family and loved ones, the content from photos to video clips recorded directly on Desire 626G Plus up wide-screen TV.

CAMERA pretty good

If users are used to using these advanced models reach upwards of HTC, surely familiar with the features that the company has equipped phones on them. Desire 626G Plus while using camera interface and original features of Android, but the machine for photo quality is quite good for the price range. Color and detail on pictures showing good, satisfactory user. Desire 626G Plus after 13 MP camera, supports auto focus, video recording quality Full HD (1080p @ 30fps).

Previous Camera Desire 626G Plus up to 5 MP, users can fully confident selfie shooting at anywhere, anytime. Image quality from the front camera is quite good, high sharpness, color and quite honestly, enough to satisfy those who love selfie capital used on a telephone line relatively low price.
All the pictures are taken in automatic mechanism, not editable via the tool at all, I just compress small for easy posting to the forum. The purpose, users can comment on the image quality objectively, from the color to the details.


If user objects which often have the need to use a cheap product, not had time to play games, focused study (work) and use the machine as a means of communication and light entertainment, Desire 626G Plus will certainly please those who like above. Conversely, subjects using gaming machines favorite capital crisis as Asphalt 8 or other high graphics game, Desire 626G Plus can not meet, not to mention that HTC to navigation keys on the screen, did diminished a little emotional part of the gaming experience.

The game today, most fully meet, play smooth, display sharpness and color fairly well on Desire 626G Plus. However, because the keyboard to navigate the on-screen integration, if that discerning players are certainly not going to like this.

Standing at the corner generally, Desire 626G Basic Plus was pretty good product that meets the common needs of most users’ low income capital, want to own their own brand a product with large and long, in order to bring peace of mind to be able to use long. With a 2000 mAh battery capacity, 626G Plus Desire completely responsive to users in one day using the normal basic.

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