[ Ex Machina (2015) ] Another “Quo Vadis”?

A fiction film was created by a British director, so it is very English Hollywood than substance. That is fiction, but it does not make us overwhelmed by the glitz, people find interesting in using words, like drill, dig the meaning of the words, of context, of Action.

Acres in the majestic space, vast, green is a tiny space, smoothness, simple, cold. Two living spaces close but almost entirely separated, people are forced to shrink their space back, creating a separate environment and locked himself inside.

Female perfection that makes us admire from a product of his own creation. Tưng glossy, smooth but there was something wrong, it was cold, so looks not emotionally contained indescribable loneliness. Humans are born was god given rights that nobody can take away is, the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. In law, it was extended to numerous different personal rights, it is associated with a particular person. Laws are for people, I’m sure with that; What about animal protection laws, why, it’s the law for people in an indirect way. Animal Protection Law is protective of human development, protect the ideas are considered humane and progressive. Animals can also be a form of life that human emotions can feel it through the external manifestations, especially those animals developed brain and close to the people, especially dogs and cats.

Watched a spiritual perspective, all life forms were created by gods, although they affected human hands. So we’ll have the right to birth already, is god gifted.

Who is God? A difficult question to answer, but all those who believe in god would have the same opinion, the gods created life – life in general, there are born, grow, die, have metabolism, have thought, instinct and obligation to create the next generation.

People are growing older, more intelligent, more gradually rid themselves right hand of God and reach his stature. Humans create something may think flexible, fast, smart but no life – it is the artificial intelligence that scientists referred to as AI.

AI exists in a tangle of semiconductor chips, wires, steel frame. We think wisely so rapid that the “god” of them to admire. But existence does not mean life, it does not guarantee the conditions inherent in the natural life first appeared. That led to many consequences, we do not have the rights that are naturally living entity is, rights that we have is what “god” flawed, little given.

The one “god” free style that can touch, can control, can comprehend. Clever artificial intelligence, acumen and continuous development to be able to quickly understand it. Then what to have to come.

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