“Glass House” By Billy JOES, Surprisingly lively!

Exciting! It’ absolutely very amazing…Having spent many days already, I heard an album that surprised me so much. Billy Joel in Glass Houses is completely different from Billy Joel, who was very successful with The Stranger or 52nd Street before. It seems that Joel wants to get rid of the image of a guy singing light rock, leaning towards sweet-smelling ballads that make up his name and brand. In this album, Joel rebelled.

The cover of the album is an image of Joel wearing a leather jacket, holding a stone to throw a glass tank with a 2-storey greenhouse. And right from the first minute of the album, the clearest sound is the sound of broken glass. Joel wants to break the image that has gone deep into the previous person, to build a new, strong, personality and “good” Joel. Joel succeeded.

Going through the album is an electric guitar with a rift, tight-cut rift with accelerated tempo. Many people think that the time this album appears and the growing development of Punk plus New Wave UK must have something to do with it. This is not completely absurd. Glass Houses can be listed in the New Wave category. Sometimes the voice and rhythm of the song is easy to imagine that Elvis Costello is also making rain at the time.

However, to be right, Joel’s Glass Houses are not entirely rock-only and electric guitars. There are some Joel sensations that partially return to Joel of old ballads; not so gentle, but light on a level. There are articles back with familiar keyboards every day.

Although there are still some words to say that Joel’s Glass Houses have not been ‘rock’. Or the loyal listeners who are familiar with the image of the sweet romantic Joel could not adapt to the change in this album, it is undeniable that Glass Houses is one of the most memorable and successful albums. Billy Joel’s. The music that Joel played in this album is as lively and energetic as it wants to burn, and interferes with it, sometimes a few moments of calm calmness. This makes me love it only when I first hear it …

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