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His nature to want to talk about diving watches (diving watch). In fact today, the technology has advanced watchmaking is a step too far, so even the relatively-average clock-often also have features such as a diving watch. There’s a saying that I read and quite remember: Even the diver he now does not wear watches anymore specialist-to-dive. But if talking about history, the history of diving watches, according to her, along with watches for astronauts, is the most interesting story.

For the divers hand, having a device that could mark the time as one of the most important thing. When left alone under cold water and darkness, the only thing that they can trust their external oxygen tanks, dive watches that – in a space where time seems to stop World .

The clock manufacturer was searching to design the waterproof clock can from the years of the 17th century, and for many reasons, primarily technological terms and techniques not allowed to forever until 1926, waterproof watches debuting first. History named “Oyster” by Rolex so. However, the first diving watches are put into production and sold widely recognized as the Omega Marine, was first introduced in 1932. And after hundreds of thousands of trials and improvements by makers famous clock, in May 1937, Omega Marine has achieved new heights when can resist water pressure at 135m depth advantage.

However, strictly speaking, the clock on the design is ‘cheat’. We are not a waterproof watch, which is a normal clock placed in a waterproof box.

It was not until the time of World War 2, the clock-recessive pattern emerging literally, thanks to the technological race to become the leading forward and dominate the lucrative market than among giants like Hamilton, Elgin, Waltham …

At the same time, in the Soviet Union, there is a relatively young company pitched in research to manufacture diving watches. They are Vostok. And talented designers from Vostok made everyone surprised diving watches Vostok – and still is regarded as one of the symbols of the Soviet watch industry – Vostok Amphibia born.

What made those who loved Soviet watches, besides the 3017 Strela belongs rare, or POLJOT Sturmanskie, or POLJOT Okeah … Vostok Amphibia eyeing capital dirt cheap ugly and uncouth? What attracted them from Vostok Amphibia designs in less capital than the analog clock functions from Switzerland or the United Hue?

As the answer of Mikhail Novikov interview – either head designer created Amphibia (the rest is Vera Belov): Vostok Amphibia is the essence and the most proud production USSR clock – capital then backward and far less complete than in other countries, can make.

Not enough physical condition (machine technology) to make a diving watch according to the designs of Switzerland, two designers of himself Vostok research to launch a completely new design.


Diving Watches Waterproof addition to, and shall ensure that it can operate under pressure of water when deep down. And in a diving watch, there are 3 places Most notable because water may enter easily:

1. The clock: if the clocks do not be careful, when deep down may crack or elasticity for water pressure, leading to water on the clock case or worse, and an all glass cracked.

2. Back cover: just over, just saturate steam leak inside the machine parts touch was enough to get the clock working.

3. Knob: in a watch, knob must be slightly loose and twisted so that the user can adjust hours, but when the water, must be attached to the clock closed to prevent water levels.

There are some companies solve this problem very well by:

1. Cattle: type of water pressure strong, creating the clock face such health care, they turn the study of rigid materials as possible.

2. Just as the way Apple did with the MacBook in public: the clock is a block, no way open, so also prevents water inside.

3. Cover for knob: a very simple but effective

As you look at the Soviet Union’s Zlatoust, we can see the cover for knob.

And take a look through the Vostok Amphibia


As noted above, because in Soviet days there without modern machinery and technical enough to follow the designs of Switzerland, Mikhail Novikov and Vera Belov of Vostok has researched his own design (of course still rely on basic pattern became existing principles).

1. The clock

While other watch manufacturers choose for themselves the crystal glass as well as possible, it was decided Belov Novikov and crystal acrylic (perhaps translated as Mica) and select the design surface.

Curved clock face design combined with acrylic crystals help when deep down, the pressure of water distribution and effects on the clock on equal points. Furthermore, when the pressure is too great, glass clocks will be forced from the flat curved down, avoid closing the cracks and also closed the border around the frame clock, making it difficult to access more water. As according to the test of Vostok, at a depth of 200m, the water pressure up to 20kg each centimeter of average, and the glass will be pushed concave about 0.5mm.

2. Cover the back

The water pressure is too strong compression distortion afford steel back cover class of clock, so the next two Vostok eq decided to go to another metal circle reinforced lid, making the cover difficult transition . And finally they added a rubber ring at the point of connection between the machine and the lid.

Rubber circle created by technology is the Soviet Ministry of Defense use.

According to technical calculations, as to the depth of 200m, compression of the cap will be 20-30%. When the lids with metal circle will put pressure on the rubber ring inside, making the watch sturdy and water more difficult. Once ashore, the rubber ring will again push everything back into position.

3. Knob

Novikov and Belov has decided to follow the technical school in some POLJOT clock while for this part. With an ordinary clock, want to get back now, just pull the knob to adjust time, and then click again. Vostok Amphibia watches as well as some other diving mechanism used to screw in the opposite direction clockwise snails like to open first, then pull knob allows the adjustment now, and done right ‘Twisted Snails’ again . This is an intelligent device because it will turn the clock knob directly into deep inside, closed all small holes that water can get into the machine.


Of course, Vostok Amphibia can not be compared with the ‘big guns’ in the same field. Rolex Submariner present a Omega Seamaster or, or IWC Aquatimer Automatic … have cost more than 40, 50 times that of a Vostok Amphibia. And do not say no further, Amphibia also cheaper and undervalued than the child incalculably other dive watches are available in the market (Seiko Diver, Diver Citizen, even Invicta diver). However, for people who love watches Soviet Vostok Amphibia is something spiritual symbolize Soviet clearest way – it’s endless creativity in difficult conditions disadvantage of the Soviets. Not polished, no topping flashy, not the one who pioneered, as well as how much Vostok Amphibia watches other Soviet line, always be those who go after the wrong reverse side of the Swiss watch brand, but with people like yourself, Vostok Amphibia is innovative, is history and the passion …

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