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I always loving the long stories about Al Stewart

Al Stewart is a veteran name in British music. How was his former and favourite? He used to sing together with Yoko Ono before even when he met John Lennon, shared a room with young Paul Simon, and acted in Les Cousins – the club of foggy folk music where it could be considered a starter. points as well as merit in reviving folk music in this island nation.

Al Stewart’s case is quite interesting. He was known early on, but it was not until the age of 31 that he was truly successful through the album Year Of The Cat that he got the idea from the 12-year calendar of Vietnam. Al played a strange music, it was unique, interesting but also boring and long. He used to use country music to tell long stories, like 18-minute Love Chronicles, telling his love stories, since he was a sneaky boy who gave candy to a girl at the table, until the first time I tasted the forbidden fruit, then the pain, and the comfort from my heart when I met ‘her’ …, or a series of songs in Past, Present, and Future about the people soldiers in the first and second world wars. That’s what makes him special.


I rarely buy compilation albums, so I have to be careful when I stand in front of The Early Years in an apartment of a middle-aged American who wants to sell off his huge collection of huge collection of coal discs. But in the end, for some reason now, I don’t remember it, but it doesn’t matter, I decided to choose.

This album was Al Stewart’s first compilation album, which was released shortly after he resonated with the Year Of The Cat, but strangely no song from that album was included. The Early Years with me alright, it contains unique highlights from Al’s previous albums. It has Bedsitter Images – one of the first tracks Al played; The News From Spain is a strange combination of folk, prog-rock and piano sounds sadly of Rick Wakeman; there is Night of The 4th Of May written the night before the breakup with Mandi, the event that made Al’s music change a lot; And of course, there are also Love Chronicles mentioned above.

Listening to this album was a bit uncomfortable in that I often had to pay attention to the words, if I didn’t just let off a few passages, it seemed like I was lost in Al’s story, but Al’s rather distinctive voice was enough to pull me back. . Al’s voice is a kind of listening voice, then I will remember, I still feel strange when I hear it, when it is soft, when it is a little rough, when I feel uneasy …

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