[ REVIEWS ] LG is better than Samsung and Apple on battery

A report shows that of the eight models tested mobile phones, LG G Flex done its best with 3,500mAh battery (miliamp hours), but only 3% efficiency over a period of two years – which has been tested in the laboratory.
Initial battery held a charge for eight hours, 40 minutes, which reduces to eight hours and 23 minutes after two years of use.

Samsung Galaxy S5 – LG’s competitors on their home turf – with its 2,800mAh battery, lose 12% of its charge, from nine hours, 31 minutes to down to eight hours, 22 minutes.

Apple iPhone 5S and its 1,560mAh battery charge 13% of it, from five hours, 50 minutes down to five hours, three minutes.

Today we have tested the results of experiments in seven months it was conducted jointly with international consumer research and test corporation.

Laboratory test eight phone and six members of different brands for reliability battery.

We tested 24-month simulated use by charging the phone 365 times, assuming that users recharge their phone once every two days.

They have tried to replicate the real life situation of online video streaming on devices with Wi-Fi on full brightness, calculated it when the power reduced by 20%, and kept repeating this process .

Measure the time it had to pin fell from 100% to no, when they apply different operating conditions with similar brightness for each sample were prepared.

After the test results are good, that the life of a cell phone is dependent on various factors, such as the screen size of the device and its processing power.

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