[Thanh Hoa Cuisine] – Sweety and Spicy from the badlands

I was born and raised in Thanh Hoa. My home has lots of delicacies, flavor that highlights the spicy and tangy from the produce from the mountains, and the coastal plain. That’s Thanh Hoa, dish also features as the people here so that’s naive, but gentle hardy

1. Nem chua Thanh Hoa

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Nem chua popular dish in Vietnam, but probably make things lands nem chua delicious crispy, more intriguing is the Thanh country. Thanh Hoa nem chua delicious in a harmonious combination of all the ingredients. Nem is wrapped sure hand, fermentation of medium ripe tomato tasty chrome bar Lavrov; attractive scent from garlic, guava leaves, leaf nail shrine harmony with the eye-catching pink tasty meat. The nem chua just over finger, arranged neatly by hundred are bathing, taste fascinating people.

2. Che Lam Phu Quang


Bite a piece patellar lam, melt in the mouth is the toughness of glutinous flour, the sweetness of honey, a little spicy ginger and a bit of optimism Bui Bui, sipped tea, fresh pastries. Baking ingredients rustic, simple, yet at home can also purchase are: bovine dozen sticky rice, bottles of molasses chips, peanuts, ginger baked into thin pieces of iron. glutinous rice yellow flowers, are white, nut gear, careful clinical occurrence then roasted on iron pan for golden rice. Most important is how to roast the rice does not burn too, otherwise the cake will be an unpleasant smell. Then use a rice mill was roasted smooth, as smooth as the plastic and delicious cakes.

3. The four pillars of thorns Cake Tho Xuan District


Cake prickly four pillars of Tho Xuan district is famous specialty, derived from sugarcane village, which is considered the village baker to kings of old spines. Cake gift thorn homeland indispensable for visiting Tho Xuan. Cakes are more preferred thorn bearing gift courtesy countryside should be carried around the country. This area is made of hemp cake meticulously, from the sophisticated materials. To make the cake spikes, people choose the best sticky rice or sticky like sticky shifting areca flowers. Fillings are made from green beans, banana oil, sugar. The selection of hemp leaves, pounding rice, steamed buns are sifted and refined, there are actions to be proficient, skillful … There barbed wheel disc ancestor is also a way to show respect, said Thanks ancestral merit; is also a way to inculcate moral human child, drinking water source memory …

4. pancake village Eu
Situated on the banks of the Chu River, Pearl Village (also known as the village Nom Sign) at Thieu Chau Commune, Thieu Hoa (Thanh Hoa) has long been famous for making pancakes with hundreds of years of history. Thick pancake Minh Chau village and sesame pancakes do not like in other places. Sesame pancake so much more delicious. Also, to match the number of people who eat more or less where pancakes are made with many kinds of different size dimensions. Minh Chau village pancake only unique material is rice with sesame. According to the senior baker in the village, only made of rice flour pancake after the new fan retain crispness and aromatic long, tough, despite being in the air for long.


5. black Cane Kim Tan

Kim Tan is sugarcane with ancient names, as to kings annual plants. The seniors in Thach Thanh district, Thanh Hoa province including: Sugarcane Kim Tan had from King Quang Trung destroy Manchu troops. Visit the Nguyen Dynasty, the local annual celebration cut cane in court bearers carried the king. Today, this plant brings high economic value to the people. According to the version of the previous generation, the ancient King Quang Trung Thanh passing go fight this land and the soldiers resting here. Everybody grab a feast cane. The king saw cane eat very delicious. He asked the people of this land have named what to eat such delicious cane. People say it has named Kim Tan, so the king took the name given to sugarcane. The king commanded the people trying to maintain the sugar cane. Align long cane to kings, to, eat soft, delicious. This purple very picky sugarcane land, planted on the basaltic soils Thach Thanh and delicious soft cane.

6. Buffalo meat cooked concave



Buffalo meat is cooked with concave dish typical of the Muong ethnic people, and also the delights not to be missed while in Thanh Hoa. Food is simple, but harmonious combination of two unique flavor characteristic highland wear to feel the real taste unforgettable. Food is a combination of concave bar dispel sour odor of buffalo meat, put it in your mouth just saw soft flesh of birds no fire and gentle taste of the spices attachment.

7. Cane Bird Fried  Thach Thanh


Birds cane is a country food, the reason for its specialties into tasty and cheap … unexpected. The pleasure of this dish is to be sitting right in the middle of the sugar cane, enjoy the taste of fresh sugar cane and fresh, the sunshine time nursery solicitations collected, with the birds cane fragrant grilled, greasy. prepare harvest season cane, you will see people selling every new sugarcane strings bird feathers, still fresh, then do not be indifferent and do not hesitate with his pocket: his hometown cheap gift too, deserved with your outing.

It simply grilled over the birds round cane stretch, then putting them in the oil pan, without spices marinate anything yet. When they were golden and shining on the pan, fragrant throughout the shop, birds are placed on a rustic terracotta saucer, add a plate of chilli salt, herbs, add the white wine. It feels greasy bird cane, also see where bitten into fragrant, sweet and a little see something reminiscent of the fall of the sugar cane.

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