Things about me for 2 years living in US

I don’t really have a need to summarize every year, to see what I have done in my native country in the past year. Just really want to write something, to save those memorable years in a lifetime.

Compared to the first year of surprise, everything is redone, the second year in the United States with my family has gone a lot better. The work of parents is a bit difficult, but the income is stable, not worried about being laid off. My parents also gradually became more integrated (although their English is still not very good). At the end of the week, my father drove me to this market to buy things. After that, she went home to cook, and she drove around to see where there was a garage sale, to carry home the cheap things like that. Life with parents is very peaceful. In the afternoons, I was lazy on the mattress and looking out into the garden, seeing that I was watering the grass and the trees in a passionate way. My house has a small garden, but although my health is not good, I often cut grass, plant trees, fertilize trees.

Sometimes I think that my parents integrate into this life faster than me. It makes me feel a bit sad because it seems like my parents have gradually forgotten Vietnam. I do not blame my parents. Everyone has their own thoughts. Parents may still love Vietnam, but many events make their parents’ lives completely changed, making them feel that they do not belong to Vietnam-present. A young age with many dreams of the future has been lost. Every time I think about it, think sadly for my parents because of the wrong time, I feel more and more in love with them.

In recent months, I talked to my sister more. When I was close to it, I never really cared about it exactly as a brother. It’s far away, but I still want to feel it, cover it, guide it no matter what. I watched movies at the time or saw siblings in the same fighting house, jealous of each other when I grew up touching rice, clothes, rice, and money. My sister and I will never be like that. Perhaps, apart from my mother, it is the person I love and care most about.

I came here when I finished college, I had to work hard to earn money to cover my life. The salary of working parents is only enough to support my sister to study, I cannot quit my job and go home and eat with my parents. Sometimes, when driving indefinitely with my sister in the dark night, I advise her to choose a good field, because it has time, it can give up 5, 7 years to study which industry is similar. hybrid “Don’t choose a career like yours, don’t eat enough, worry every day.” When I say this, I just hope it will live happily later, not having to worry about thinking too much about life. I have no sense of jealousy because my sister has conditions to pursue careers that will help her to live richer, happier than me. Even, if for some reason I have more conditions later, I won’t hesitate to worry about it all.

Last year, one of the things that made me most happy was that I became more and more intimate with my sister, becoming more and more loving and enveloping it. Perhaps the end of life.

As for myself, if I look at what has been achieved, there is no striking step like the first year. I still do my job with a living wage, get a salary increase. Although currently not much, but quite stressful because absolutely can not let errors occur. Just wrong when assigning a variable, calling a function … is going to the system, the damage sometimes several tens of thousands of dollars / day.

Last year, I also started going to graduate school. In fact, I don’t see what this master degree helps me in my current job. Things at school are always theoretical heavy things, either in Vietnam or here. The only reason why I can get my master degree at all costs is because I think, in the future, if I need to find another job with a higher salary, it will be very helpful.

Two years before I first arrived in the United States, I heard many people saying that life on this side was very difficult, economic recession, and the path to higher education was difficult with the difficult GRE test. Looking back now, I am temporarily satisfied with what I can do, when I have a job called good, and I can continue my studies.

I have not completely belonged to the United States. I – from the bottom of my heart, is still full of Vietnamese people like before. However, in this United States, I am now lost. That comes from the fact that I am aware that: just trying is possible. I am not tall, what I have done so far is not counted as much, but at least, I have caught up with the progress of other native youths: having a job when graduation, or learning more high school Such blasphemy gives me confidence. I want to be able to mix with Americans. I was absolutely happy as part of them when the team won this tournament, the other … When I went offline to one of the biggest forums on this side, I also took a bottle of beer and grilled meat was comfortable chatting, joking.

Well, if I have to summarize what I’ve done over the past year, I think I only use three words: confidence. Confident that you are completely inferior to anyone. Confident to live, to work, to learn, and to think about your own family. Soon…

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