[ VOSTOK AMPHIBIA SE ] Masculine, correct and healthy

Not difficult to understand when in the line of the Diving Watch watches (diving watches) is something the men to attention and the most popular. It has something strong and masculine, accurate and powerful. Like many other men did that once dotted the clock, I decided to buy her a watch for diving. And children (meter diving) my first, surprise ?, coming from the Soviet Union

Vostok Amphibia have very, very, very, very again and again to emphasize, so many styles and shapes different case and dial face. I had to check out at least a few dozen different form before taking their decision Vostok Amphibia special edition produced only 50 females. The word ‘taken’ sounds very simple, but Vostok Amphibia recently emerged not understand how incredibly in love hand, or just a clock like Soviet Russia, so Vostok Amphibia fared SE always sold out. Calculated from the date of purchase to the date of my decision ‘being’ click Buy is to close half months. That was the day a half months waiting, day website or Facebook page on the day of the sale site that snooping clock.

This watch of mine bought is the special edition should be getting twice the normal children (Mom not be angry …), comes the black wire to NATO. Circular clock face but set on a rectangular crust sure. The outer layer is rotated clock with red and white dots, to mark the average dive time. When you start diving, divers will rotate the circle to the current position, and when in the water, just look at when the minute hand pointing to the white dot is known dive time is running out (why is 20 minutes So far there is no concrete answer, some say the technology by diving at that time only support a maximum of 20 minutes?). The number and the clock is luminous dye to glow in the dark waters where.

Lai said, the version I bought is called Radio Room. Radio Room is what? Try to tell the story of the most famous shipwreck in history: the Titanic. It said one of the main reasons that the rescue is not timely due to panic should the radio signal between the Titanic and other ships blocked (think simply has too much at once transmitted signal / get about between Titanic and other vessels should be none to be). Ah, well, anyone seen James Cameron’s Titanic surely remember this scene.

After the accident, the countries in the world have agreed to come to a common agreement on how to transfer / send signal on the ship. Accordingly, in one hour, there will be 4 times nobody ANY transmitted radio signals (other than a signal SOS). Like two pale pink location (between 12 and 1, between 6 and 7) on my watch is just the right ship silent signal to call for help heard voices at the frequency of 2182 kHz, and 2 positions color red light (between 3 and 4, between 9 and 10) is just the right ship silence to hear the signal to call for help morse code. Each 3 minutes long gradient. Try Titanic suppose happens after this convention is issued, all the ships around 12 hours to 12 hours on 3 ‘will hear a distress signal by word of Titanic, from 12 hours 15 minutes to 12 hours 18 ‘will hear a SOS morse code with the Titanic. And so who knows everyone on board will be saved, know where Jack is not dying but died when Rose was married Rose shot landed (AC).

Vostok Amphibia Soviet military used much, so they especially do this version for the radio technicians aboard. Of course I do not think I have to use day-to-is-this formula, but as an interesting story, when choosing Vostok Amphibia, I decided to choose this room radio Vostok Amphibia.

Wait 3 weeks to ship watches from Russia, when it’s about me instead of just strings of red white blue 3 NATO, and now, this is the Vostok Amphibia watches my routine, because it’s very cool.

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