Feeling “Dubrovsky” by Pushkin

My best friend, a very sensitive girl, who during this period talked to me more than anyone, introduced this book to me.

Actually, I like Russian literature. In thinking [that according to Andree is completely incompatible with the so-called true literary analysis, or similar technical jargon, that his specialization focuses on] me, literature Russia and French literature are the best. The reason why maybe at some time, having the opportunity to sit in front of a cup of coffee that is full of smoke, in the candlelight or dim electric light, is only enough to make the background appear on the face of the opposite person, I will tell you.

Russian literature is absolutely good! Thought I do not read Russian poetry much, mainly read on the internet here and there. But the sentences read, most of them remember. Whenever I read Russian poetry, I always felt like I could touch a part of the sadness expressed through the author’s polished words – a sadness like a row of birch trees standing trembling in the middle of a full sky. snow.

However, Russian stories and novels are not read much. Up to now, if I did not mention the stories that I had accidentally read in this collection, then I only read through Steel, I was like that and the East River was peaceful.

Russian literature is quite hard to swallow, or the works I read are like that. It is possible that these famous works are set in a socialist Soviet Union, if more ancient, it is a feudal Soviet Union, with lords, slave owners … very strange compared to young people. grew up in a city, a current age like me.

So when I heard my best friend introduce Dubrovsky, knowing that Pushkin wrote, suddenly the excitement dropped by half. Not that I criticize Pushkin. He is one of my favorite poets in Russian literature (with Olga Bergon and Esenin). It’s just that I think my mood this time is not appropriate to read Russian stories.

However, a delicate girl like me introduced, it must have a purpose.

In the midst of the whispering rain hitting the glass door, the Dutch girl’s milk box, along with the headphone in her ear, were rotting famous songs from the heroic Russia (popular in Vietnam) like Kachiusa , Double shore, Love songs, Million roses …, I devoured Dubrovsky.

Normal story. But very absorbent.

People lost each other so easily, my friends.

A minute missed the beat …

A series of successive events, which follows the consequences of the previous …

Because of human bigotry …

Does she ask me, why is it that hard to work like that?

At that time, I used the two-piece icon and throbbed. Why is it that people who are born are either miraculous or very much, what is the cost of finding answers to other miracles or things?

I just said to me, and for me a sentence: It’s ok now…

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