“Forever Autumn” by Lake Of Tears: Nostalgia of the fall from the winter days…

At the beginning of the autumn album, it was a sad cello sound, slow and tormenting. Following it is the keyboard’s sound. Is the beautiful autumn rain beautiful? Nice, but sad. Not because of that, in the past, the talented musician of Dang The Phong used to have a sentence for many years, did this couple stop crying because of the fall?

The song “So Fell Autumn Rain” started with Daniel’s deep voice, he personally felt that Daniel’s voice sounded like Metallica’s James, except of course screaming. The autumn rain has fallen, but will it wash away all suffering and sorrow

“Oh, you told me I must never dream again
True true damn, bạn còn bỏ với sự đau

So fell autumn rain, washed my sorrows away … ”

Hold on tight the second track of the song begins with the acoustic guitar and Daniel’s deep voice echoes from the beginning, not waiting for a few more notes. Next, everything went silent, the squeal of the bass guitar, and from there the bass guitar kept the notes down throughout the song, occasionally tapping into some of the keyboard’s melodies.

Last song, repeating Daniel’s voice, Better hold on tight, and the sound of the clichés mixed with acoustic guitar, create something called hope. Hoping for an … eternal fall.

The third track is also the name of the album, Forever Autumn, one of the tracks that follow him is the best in the career of Lake of Tears.

Forever Autumn is very thick with acoustic guitar, bass and drum, if any, just keep the rhythm for the song melody. The soft acoustic guitar, it seemed that the guitarist Magnus hooked each finger into the string, flipped, the warm and unique vocals of the vocal, in parallel with the loud cello of the guest musician Henriette, created one. It is really sad, not really sad, but there is something regretful.

“And the season of the fall begins
Past the pass ngbell past willow s weeping
A ripple forms on the brinks of time ”

The next track is “Pagan Wish”, which is a strange song. This is the most powerful song in the album, the beginning of the guitar is overwhelming. But there is something in the midst of the electronic music effect, which is somewhat oriented towards the 1970s.

Someone said, Pagan Wish was like a stupid bastard, from the wild jungle jumping in to kill the sad, sad space collected from the previous three tracks. But having heard the new words, Pagan Wish was filled with the most sincere wishes of the boy to his lover. Therefore, it was like growing wings fluttering out of the boy’s heart, screaming, with a strong, nostalgic rhythm.

“Otherwheres” is a perfect instrumental, which works to soothe the enthusiasm of the guy at Pagan Wish, giving the listener a true, gentle and gloomy autumnal frame. Each piano note spreads holy, in the middle of a thunderous sound of thunder in the distance, followed by a regular acoustic guitar, sometimes rolling into the sound of birds singing, only a few loud sounds. Well, there is a sound of rain falling somewhere. All blend together to create a beautiful song. According to him, this is the reason many people think that Lake of Tears is a band of Prog / Gothic Metal.

The sixth song The Homecoming, is one of the most beautiful lyrics. Begin with the sound of ‘nanana ‘exactly like the popular melodies of the 60s. The melody changes constantly, if the Lake of Tears hits a bit faster, then he will be mistaken for Melodic Death. This is a sad song, very sad, the sailor is not afraid of storms, not afraid of the most fierce wolf. He was only afraid of dawn, because it was time to sing the song far away …

“Come Night I Reign” was still an acoustic guitar, but it seemed like it was a technique to distort, or he had the feeling that Magnus used the technique of moving and moving the strings, Daniel’s voice was no longer deep. Also, there was a snarl in his throat. The guitar sound was distorted, the vocal sound was tight in the throat, but thanks to that, this song was a dark color of the night. It has an expression for the power of darkness, but hidden in it is great affection, between the sailor and the ogre. Then, when I found her, how many memories did not come and rushed back …

Lake of Tears uses cello to open the story of the memory, then use cello to finish. Each note is good, everything is a dream. The perfect ending for a perfect album.

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