[ REVIEWS ] Run Sackboy! Run! – Nice Graphic but hard to play

The rise of the genre Endless Runner game in the app store seem “endless” and this will sound good because it can bring more options for players. But in fact there are many games of the same genre as players disappointed. Recently an Endless Runner game has arrived with mobile gamers, it’s lovely combination between Sackboy character in the famous series of Playstation games Little Big Planet. Whether or not this is a different game in the same game overcrowded genre today? Let us evaluate.

Gameplay – Gameplay

Unlike Temple Run, run game with constantly changing angles, or Subway Surfer has run straight forward corner. Run Sackboy! Run! (RSR!) That run horizontal angle, you perform tasks by jumping over obstacles, spikes and jump over the pit head monsters on the way. All the animals are moved from left to right. This may cause you to play Super Mario Bros think of but RSR! Has an entirely different focus, from the style to the graphics. I appreciate this run corner, we do not make you distracted that helps players easily observe what’s going to happen, what is going to appear obstacles.

>>> Score: 9.5 / 10

Graphic – Graphic

This is the game gives players a visual feast. They are quite beautiful and eye catching. All the details are a little hard and bring players the most beautiful view. Graphic part is always the part that the review brought to dissect the most, but for RSR! I see almost no one complained about the graphics quality of this game.

>>> Score: 9.5 / 10

Control System – Control

The control system is quite smooth, but when you combine multiple commands together to manipulate the very conflict command control system that is not yet good handling combined order forms. This will cause you to want to jump over monsters instead you will tone roaring at them.

>>> Points 6/10

Background Music – Audio

Music has always been inspiring things for players to experience a certain game, and music elements quite important. And I noticed that, of RSR soundtrack! at a temporary settlement.

>>> Points 8/10

Replay Mode

This is the mode I always appreciated in any game yet Endless Runner. This is a feature that enables you to return to conquer the old level if you completed but not yet the highest score. Breaking his own record and set a new record is a wonderful thing is not it.

>>> Score: 9.5 / 10

Overall assessment

This can be a breath of fresh air but still not bring the real difference in “crowded” the Endless Runner game genres today. Highlight of the Run Sackboy! Run! As graphic elements and gameplay are easily absorbed by it is attractive for players even when they are not fans of the series Little Big Planet or genre.

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