[Raketa BIG ‘ZERO’] – The Story of Pain and Broken Soviet

Please start the story about my affinity and Raketa Big ‘Zero’ with brief few small details leads to the child I decided to buy this clock, the clock between dozens of different Soviet Russia.

There is a story that, Mikhail Gorbachev – who ‘sinner history’ of the Soviet, on the day at the height of his power, during a visit to Italy, when a reporter asked Italians: “Perestroika “How significant the Soviet people? Additional notes for those who have not read the history of the Soviet past, the Perestroika means “reform”, and is one of the most mentioned when talking about the Soviets in the years 80-90, with Uskorenie (acceleration) and Glasnost (publicity).

Meanwhile, Gorbachev lifted his hand, his hand is on the watch Raketa Big ‘Zero’ – the very unique clock with the number 12 instead, they use the number 0; pointed to it and said: “the people of the Soviet Union, we believe that everything starts at 0.”

Of course, that story kind of myth, that is difficult to verify right or wrong. One says in Games Gorbachev could not wear cheap watches that (heaven, one of those watches that Obama or worn especially Jorg-Gray 6500 – which is considered the row Tau cheap, and the price is only about $ 300, or Bill Clinton has worn the Timex Easy Reader which only have a range of $ 40, sir), who then told the idealist things, the personality of Gorbachev, quite likely he wears the watch full-standard-definition there.

Right or wrong do not know, it’s not important author; just know that story has caused me quite a bit of excitement. I started looking for his intention Raketa Big ‘Zero’ – the Soviet clock was strange.

Raketa watches began production in 1961, by Petrodvorets Watch Factory in Saint Petersburg. This is a clock manufacturer with the oldest age USSR, the history is written to take advantage as far back as 1721. Watches Raketa later produced for the Red Army, the Soviet navy, for the reconnaissance team Arctic policy, or for all people …

Soviet Raketa language means “missiles” (rockets). After cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin’s legendary flying into outer space for the first time in human history, in the Soviet Union, a lot of products and brands is set to the event. In honor of Yuri Gagarin, Petrodvorets Watch Factory decided to rename her into Raketa watches.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Raketa and other companies in the Soviet Union fell into difficulties lead to bankruptcy. Later, Raketa has returned with a modern design and a completely new, but that’s another story.

Please re-tell the story of the children I have this clock. Buy Raketa Big ‘Zero’ is often negligent counterfeiting issues. Because only a dozen copper row, the cocoon buyers, no one bother to go faked. The problem needs to worry is because this is pretty old clock (girls farewell a few years old and has called the situation, saying the clock to the decades?), So it’s hard to know a good clock has not run , with no problems, was ‘maintenance’ mop polishing or lubrication lately? In the eBay search is a lot Raketa, every design, price, look behold, and in which no less golden brass make much.

So I wandered around the Internet, is not to focus the search, but to spend time every day reading shuffle from place to place and that, and found a name: samun_povt. This hand is quite famous among collectors Raketa. He attached form Raketa wild, he collected almost all the Raketa can, cleaning polishing, inspection and maintenance of them, before being sold at extremely affordable prices. As at the present time, this collection of hand to nearly 400 children Raketa. See this photo taken one by hand at full clock edges, the clock beauty as much as possible to the point, and go back to each child watches a video, we can see it is the pleasure of him with Raketa How great.

He sold Raketa not the cheapest, but do I like, and the most confident. So I decided to order the Big Raketa ‘Zero’ from hand.

In the kind Raketa he had, a few special ones I liked. I put a couple of them for a sibling studying in the Russian view, to ask the inscription on the clock write anything (by Raketa produced dozens of different types for each army unit, each different event …) , and one of which, according to her, the Navy, and the word Hai – my name on it. Well, without thinking much, I ordered immediately.

As I predicted, Raketa Big ‘Zero’ is not the beauty clock to perfect awe as Strela, not as POLJOT elegant, powerful nor as Vostok … that I’m there. Conversely, Raketa Big ‘Zero’ look very casual, with huge numbers and dials What Russia print something. Raketa Big ‘Zero’ is not a dress watch, casual watch, then make sure not to match, generally it falls into the category ‘strange’, like, wear it.

I buy Raketa Big ‘Zero’, not because it’s beautiful, it fascinated me right from the first glance, and the story about Gorbachev’s words are only appendages, important as it is my case, when must start life in a new country at 0. And it is one of the witnesses to accompany the history of a powerful Soviet gradually go to the abyss; of a Soviet-era suffering and shattered; of the name has gone down in history as sinners, traitors, or those mighty hand and trendy space.

Soviet soul now be kept as part of the clock like this.

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