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[ VOSTOK AMPHIBIA SE ] Masculine, correct and healthy

Not difficult to understand when in the line of the Diving Watch watches (diving watches) is something the men to attention and the most popular. It has something strong and masculine, accurate and powerful. Like many other men did that once dotted the clock, I decided to buy her a watch for diving. And children […]

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Things about me for 2 years living in US

I don’t really have a need to summarize every year, to see what I have done in my native country in the past year. Just really want to write something, to save those memorable years in a lifetime. Compared to the first year of surprise, everything is redone, the second year in the United States […]


In my First Vinyl Assemply

Have a friend asked when I had finished system set my first vinyl that vinyl hear how, have fascinated people do not. The answer my brief is: absolute love, but interpreted the lengthy basting. First of quality music, but that time I heard setup: lossless -> DAC -> amp -> the quality headphone for music […]

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Age 40 and hobby “listening” the sound

For many people, the passion for listening to music and playing sound began in adolescence, usually in the family tradition, his father-in-law had more or less a radio or an old orchestra in the house, music could be naturally infused. Over the years, through life changes, this hobby has many changes.


[BIRTH YEAR WATCH] – Time for hardly seeking

There are those who love to collect watches follow a certain theme or topic is no rust. The categories are, someone just like diving watch, some people like minimalist watch, some people like the German clock, clock USSR enthusiasts … But anyway, most of them at least find a child Birth year watch to add […]

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Yes, sometimes I desired a very light coffee…

Emotion is something beyond the ability to define and perceive people, or at least to me. Sometimes, just what remembers so far away, is enough to make me think again and again. There are times when things like vague pieces, pieces, pieces of pieces come together, until they form an almost complete image, then at […]