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Norwegian Wood – A Good Or A Disgusting culture?

If I became Minister of Culture and Information of Vietnam (I do not remember the exact name of this Ministry, but something like that), the first thing I do will be forbidden novels of contemporary Japan, things My opinion is not doing anything, apart poisoned soul Vietnam youth, especially the girls are inherently stupid or […]


[ REVIEWS ] Nomi 3S -The masterpieces like diamond

In the past few days, The Nomi Smartphone 3S is considered “AWESOME PRODUCTS DIAMONDS” is gaining confidence in the user. In addition to ownership of one luxurious high-end devices, the machine also make sure that in addition to the machine more than the price only 3 million. Then Nomi 3S worth buying? MSmobile rapid assessment […]

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[ REVIEWS ] TOD Hero – A Casual Game

In the first term of 2014 is the time mobile game made by Vietnamese people began to have a certain influence on the domestic market and the international game. These include names like Flappy Bird ever international gaming stir a while until the game by storm in countries like Killing Spirit, Vo Lam Mong … […]