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[ REVIEWS ] Nomi 3S -The masterpieces like diamond

In the past few days, The Nomi Smartphone 3S is considered “AWESOME PRODUCTS DIAMONDS” is gaining confidence in the user. In addition to ownership of one luxurious high-end devices, the machine also make sure that in addition to the machine more than the price only 3 million. Then Nomi 3S worth buying? MSmobile rapid assessment […]


Remember of the Tết’s meals

The atmosphere of the last day in the bustling, lively because this is also the time to prepare everything for the new year, from preparing ancestral altar, decorating their homes to prepare a sumptuous feast for the head New Year. When the new sun poked through every crack in the door, dressed in a bright […]

About, Stylish

Yes, sometimes I desired a very light coffee…

Emotion is something beyond the ability to define and perceive people, or at least to me. Sometimes, just what remembers so far away, is enough to make me think again and again. There are times when things like vague pieces, pieces, pieces of pieces come together, until they form an almost complete image, then at […]


[ Dishes on my Memory – pt2]

The entire length of childhood, who can forget the cinnamon pungent, the crisp aroma of pancakes and sweet candy powder. I would like to list some of the memorable old dishes in my Childhood Cinnamon Cinnamon is a spice things awfully familiar, such indispensable in everyday life, but it contains many memories of childhood, those […]

Arts Review

[ Magnolia (1999) ] The tension of numbness

These days I write little because I want to post to the soul a little, not some junk that I created in the early days up blog: silly, little information, poor wording. To read them all when I was bored. Many want to write something. Ach! Emotions at effusive but that the narrow wording, feel […]